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Below is a smattering of our continually growing Kava library of hundreds of articles related to Kava. These have been posted over the past nearly 20 years as of this writing. We’ll help you quickly get up to speed with all aspects of our beloved Kava root by giving you a place to begin. We’ll empower you with informative Kava articles regarding history, usage, recipes, dosages, common forms currently available. We also post the latest news and research for this all-natural root and highly effective dietary supplement from Oceania.  Used safely for 3,000 years, Kava, to us, is a modern-day miracle.

Additional Kava Resources

For additional information, check out the Kava News section of Makaira’s Kava Blog for concise and vital information on kava and its standing as an herbal supplement in the United States and elsewhere.  This is the most active and comprehensive blog we’ve found regarding Kava Kava to date, and not surprisingly; it’s hosted by one of our favorite small-family farms who take great pride and offer personal care in all-things related to kava.

We like to include as many aspects of Kava and Kava Culture as possible. Take a look at Kava.Guru for a growing library of referenced Kava articles, as well as the most comprehensive Kava Bar database around.

If you have any links you’d like us to add here, please send us an e-mail at kava at kava dot com and we will consider adding it to our growing resource with links to wherever you wish.  We try to keep everything as simple and “findable” as possible, but with so much information, much of it can get lost. So, feel free to use the Search Boxes at the very top of the page; We’ve customized them to make finding what you’re looking for even easier! The LEFT Search Box is to search for Kava PRODUCTS.  The RIGHT Search Box is to find Kava ARTICLES…

Mahalo, Team Kava