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Kava and Cancer Research

In a recent study, there is more evidence that traditionally-prepared Kava can have a multitude of benefits, including, and this study suggests, the ability to help fight cancer. Strict FDA regulations prevents us from making any claims regarding Kava as a cancer aid,...

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Is Flavokawain B (FKB) Dangerous?

Is Flavokawain B dangerous or at least as dangerous as the media hype often claims it is? Before we tackle this relatively simple question, let's explore what exactly Flavokawain B (FKB for short) is. Of all the studies I've read, a study published on the US National...

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What Makes Good Drinking Kava?

Many people mistakenly believe that the strongest Kava is the best Kava. This is a fallacy and can lead to unpleasant experiences when looking for good drinking Kava. There are several key parts of the Kava plant, and this includes several distinctly different parts of the Kava root itself. We’ve found a balance of the different parts of the Kava root provides the most balanced and pleasant experience.

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Life Cycle of a Kava Plant

Have you ever wondered how a Kava plant grows from a tiny seed all the way to a mature, flowering plant? Well, you’re in luck because this informative article covers every stage of the life cycle of a Kava plant. From a tiny shoot to a mature flowering plant that’s ready for harvest, we cover it all.

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Kava for Anxiety

We have seen a marked increase in questions regarding whether or not kava can help with anxiety or stress. This includes questions about whether Kava itself can cause anxiety.

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