Have You Seen Kava Guru?

kava-guru-logo_200pxHave you seen the Kava.Guru website yet?  We didn’t even know that there was a “guru” extension for websites!  It actually looks like a lot of fun.  It run by a long-time Kava Lover who’s been in the Kava business for the past 18 years in one way or another.  It’s good to see that he’s taking his passion for Kava and turning it into what is already an authoritative and informative website for kava.

What’s uniquely impressive over at Kava Guru, is that most of the articles are REFERENCED articles on Kava. This is quite rare from what we’ve seen (and we wish more of our own kava articles were referenced as we wrote them over the past decade).  It’s part of what we know will make the Kava Guru website an authority on Kava in the eyes of Google.  We do our best here, but much of the information is either editorial and personal opinion, or its information that I simply didn’t reference when I was writing it a decade or more ago.  I have to admit that having referenced articles adds and automatic authority to the articles, especially when the curious can easily find out more information, or validate some of the claims being made.

Also, anyone can ask for a “FEATURE”, anyone can send product off to be reviewed, and anyone can request to participate in the FREE KAVA GIVEAWAY. So far, no one has been turned down for a review and for the free Kava program.

And although the claims remain at a minimum, we can already see where the website is headed, as there are a number of articles on Kava and Anxiety.  It’s incredible to read how much data is gathering for Kava as a powerful anti-anxiety, but all-natural supplement. We’ve known it for years, and it can be a little scary when the medicinal aspects of a natural product start to hit the mainstream (quality almost always goes down, and the market becomes flooded with sub-par products), but we’re thrilled that Kava is being presented in the best possible light. With the lingering stigma of “liver damage” still being attached to Kava despite numerous studies that have proven otherwise, positive news is always good news for this ancient and sacred root.

So, why not take a little surf over to their website and watch them grow?  It lights a bit of a fire under us as we add posts to KavaDotCom much more slowly than we’d like, but I love a good challenge.  I’m not sure whether or not Keith is actually a Kava Guru or not, but I’ve already enjoyed several of his articles over there, and look forward to seeing more. He even claims that he’s no guru, but it’s a fun title and a fun site, and posts referenced articles by true gurus on all things related to Kava. Join in on the fun, and perhaps deepen your experience and connection with ‘Awa just by reading.

Team Kava

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