What is the Strongest Kava I Can Buy?

Kava Tincture Maximum StrengthWe get asked two questions more than almost any other:

What is the strongest Kava I can buy?

What is the strongest Kava product you sell?

It’s a question we NEVER get tired of answering. Up until December of 2017, it was a simple question for us to answer as we only sold one exceptionally strong Kava product. Kava naturally comes in an 8% – 14% strength. So, most Kava powders, most instant Kava products, and anything that’s not an extract – those are definitely NOT the strongest Kava we offer, but they are definitely the closest to a natural Kava experience.

We know that customers often look for products that have a little more “kick” to the average Kava shell made from water-extracted Kava powder. I know from personal experience of 20+ years with Kava, that I need something with a little more to it, since I need to consume about 3-4 shells to get to that familiar, relaxed, sociable, soothing place that I adore.

This is why we set out to create a completely safe but strong Kava product that fits within the strict FDA regulations for Kava consumption. That’s when our Kavalactone Paste 84% was born way back in 2003. It quickly became our most popular product, but it was difficult to tell our customers exactly what a single serving of the Kava was. With our strongest Kava product weighing in at a hefty 84% Kavalactone content, less than a pea-sized amount would deliver the FDA maximum daily dose of 290mg of Kavalactone. This became somewhat of an issue as we realized we crafted a product that was perhaps too strong. (Yes, there is such a thing!)

So, after careful consideration, we looked to our expert formulator to come up with something that would still be the strongest Kava product our customers could buy anywhere, but was also within the strict safety standards set out by the FDA and suggested by the World Health Organization.

That’s when our Kavalactone 84% Paste became our Kavalactone 55% Paste.

With this product, we could offer a month’s supply of the product in a small one-ounce container. AND, we could include our 3D-printed custom serving spoons that would easily measure out one serving for you. Instead of saying that you needed a “pea-sized” amount, you could now simply use the included measuring spoon to enjoy a serving of not only the strongest Kava product we offered, but the strongest Kava product we know of on the market.

A few customers were disappointed, but soon, the Kavalactone 55% Paste shot to the top of our sales lists again. It seemed like it became an overnight hit for us; something we’ve always been super proud of. Now, when veteran Kava connoisseurs wanted to get a full-on Kava experience without the fuss or the mess, but also wanted to know they were getting a safe serving size of Kava, we had the perfect product.

Now, before you get too excited about finding the perfect Kava product that you’ve been searching for ages for, I want to offer some practical advice:

Please Start Slowly!

Kava may be mild, but it can have some relatively intense effects when a large serving is taken, or when it’s mixed with other things such as alcohol or cannabis. So, learn your limits over time. Start off with something less strong, perhaps learn how to make yourself a shell of Kava by working with some plain powder at first. One of the great things you can do with our paste, is to add it to a Kava drink, or smoothie, or anything else you can dream up. The paste lasts a long, long time, so try just a bit at first, and work your way up. That way, you can get to know the curious and soothing sensations that are unlike any other.

If you’re curious to learn more, there’s an older article about this very topic over at Kona Kava Farm called simply “Strongest Kava” and another one over at Kava.Guru called “What is the Strongest Kava Product?“.

  • Kava Tincture Regular Strength Liquid

    Kava Tincture (3% Kavalactone)

  • Sale!

    Kava Tincture Plus (6%)

  • Happy Kava Brand Kava Extract

    Happy Kava Brand Kava Tincture



In our continual quest to offer Kava products that are the strongest and safest available on the market, our expert formulator came up with an ass-kicker. Kona Kava Farm launched a re-formulated version of their extraordinarily popular Kava Tincture line of liquid Kava extracts. The strongest of the tinctures used to be a 6% Kavalactone strength. That equates to 2 dropperfuls equaling about 120mg of Kavalactone. Now, with an even smoother and more pleasant-tasting formulation, we have unveiled our Kava Tincture MAX at an impressive 12% Kavalactone content.

You may wonder how we can pack so much strength into such a small package. That, dear reader is a great question. As we all know, plain ‘ol Kava powder has a range of Kavalactone content from about 8% – 14% on average. That equates to about 120mg of Kavalactone per shell or serving. That’s not bad, but for veteran Kava drinkers such as myself and our staff, we need something a little stronger, with a little more kick or punch to it. Yes, we want to be completely safe, but what if there was a way to make a Kava product that could deliver an entire day’s supply of Kavalactone in a single serving? This is where the Kava Tincture MAX 12% comes in!

From our extensive research, there is no stronger Kava product on the market. We’ve seen some vendors that boast 600mg of Kavalactone per serving, but not only is that more than double the recommended daily dose of Kavalactone, when we tested that product in the lab, it only had about 150mg of Kavalactone per serving. Our Kava products are not only advertised as strong. We verify every batch of Kava we import and/or manufacture, so you know exactly what you’re getting with any of the Kava products we offer.

3 Responses

  1. Someone wrote to you asking about combining Alcohol and Kava and you discouraged it. The Tincture has quite a bit of grain alcohol in it…yet you sell it. What is the difference?

  2. Hi Dale,
    This is a great question! Consumption of alcoholic beverages alongside kava can have adverse affects, since they are both depressants the alcohol can exasperate the relaxing effects of the kava. This is similar to warning labels on muscle relaxers, etc, that advise against combining with alcohol, although obviously to a much lesser degree. Our tinctures contain a very small amount of grain alcohol, the bottles themselves are only about 1 oz, so even if you were to drink the entire bottle (which we do not recommend), the average adult would most likely not feel any of the effects of the alcohol. I also will provide an excerpt below as to why we use alcohol in our tinctures:

    Alcohol is a powerful (and safe) solvent. Alcohol is an excellent solvent for herbs, because it can extract the compounds and active ingredients that aren’t water-soluble, such as essential oils, alkaloids and resins. It’s also the only edible solvent that can effectively extract the ingredients required.

    The body can absorb alcohol quickly. Alcohol-based tinctures are extremely fast-acting, because alcohol can enter our bloodstream very quickly. Our tongue and cheeks contain lots of capillaries which quickly absorb the alcohol. This means that when we place some drops under our tongue, we’re not actually digesting the extract. Rather, it’s entering our bloodstream almost immediately to deliver the tincture’s potent properties.

    Alcohol is a preservative. Alcohol gives herbal extracts a longer shelf-life – in most cases at least five years. Or think of an aged Whiskey.

    Alcohol allows us to create potent tinctures. Alcohol-based tinctures are also highly potent and concentrated, meaning only a very small dose is required to reap the benefits. In fact, everyday food items such as an overripe banana and fermented fruit and vegetables contain approximately the same amount of alcohol as a single dose of a liquid extract.”

    I hope this explanation helps!

    Team Kava

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