kavalactone-55-pasteAhh, one of my favorite topics to discuss when discussing Kava is Kava Paste! It’s usually called “Kavalactone Paste”, but many people seem to be referring to it as “Kava Paste” these days. Welcome to our very biased, but equally sincere Kava Paste Review for your viewing pleasure:

To give credit where credit is due, KonaKavaFarm.com was the first to market Kava Paste in 1996. They made an extraction of Kava that was so strong, it initially had 84% Kavalactone concentration in it. At this concentration, Kava can only be in the form of a very thick oil. The only way to further manufacture it into a “paste” form is to reduce the strength of the oil.

Also, at 84% concentration, which is extraordinarily difficult to achieve, the required serving size would be far too small to be practicable unless every customer had their own science lab in their home.  So, if anyone tries to sell you Kavalactone 84% Paste, unless it’s in the form of a very thick liquid, it’s a misbranded product. Also, there’s no need for Kava Paste to be that strong; a freshly-brewed drink made from Kava powder is quite sufficient and very easy to measure the serving and dose size.

Speaking of, we’ve tested 3 brands of Kavalactone Paste on the market with a concentration from 70% to 84%, and all of it either had ZERO percent of Kavalactone in it, or as little as 12%-15%. (See the paper below showing the results of just one of those tests.)

All of that aside, Kavalactone Paste is gaining in popularity in the Kava community for several reasons:

  • EASY TO — USE: With Kava Paste, there is virtually no preparation required. Kava Paste from Kona Kava Farm and KavaDotCom both come with exact serving spoons, so getting the exact serving size couldn’t be simpler.
  • POWERFUL KAVA: This is also the strongest form of Kava available, so those who like as much “kick” with their Kava as possible, this is the way to go. Effects are immediate, especially when placed under the tongue. One’s mouth will instantly become numb, then, for many; their throat, and then a giddiness creeps up rather quickly. This is known as the “Kava Bends” because you want to simply bend down and take a seat for a few minutes.
  • PORTABLE KAVA: These containers are small, and they travel just about anywhere. They’re under the size limit for airports, and no one will ever ever stop you for having Kava with you anywhere in the world. If you carry the serving spoon, then it’s easy to have some Kava Paste with you whenever the urge for a quick pick me up strikes.
  • NO MESS: Unlike traditional powdered root that Kava purists love, Kava Paste, in both Kavalactone 55% Paste and the Full Spectrum 55% Paste from Kona Kava Farm, there’s no messy straining or blending or massaging of the Kava necessary. Just a small amount placed under the tongue, or blended in with your favorite morning, afternoon, or evening smoothie, and you get an ultra-mini vacation in seconds to help ease your anxiety while melting your stress away.

All of this is pretty darn amazing from a quiet little root from Oceania! Please remember, though; Kava Kava is a sacred plant. Many natives would be appalled at the manufacture of Kava into items such as Kava capsules and Kava pastes such as this. We offer a wide variety of Kava products not to knock you off your feet, but to use and enjoy responsibly as part of a healthy lifestyle. We’re getting really nervous at the current climate regarding Kava, and have already seen people marketing it in a way that is bordering on “the next party pill.”

Please help us to continue to spread the word about Kava responsibly. Take Kava at small gatherings rather than giant parties or raves. Use it with care, with friends, in a place you feel safe, comfortable, and happy. Don’t run off and drive. And please get to know this plant; learn it’s subtle effects, and don’t be so quick to mix it with other intoxicants. Kava can have some pretty powerful effects all on its own; there’s no need to “kick it up a notch” by combining it with anything else. Enjoy the subtlety. Enjoy the pure experience. Enjoy Mother Nature’s gift in a form that respects the Kava traditions.

We feel lucky to have such an informed and unusually intelligent customer base who’s drawn to Kava. It seems that those who are sociable but not party fanatics are drawn to this ancient and sacred plant. It seems that those who have a general tendency to discuss issues of the day find their way to this plant. And, most of all, we find that many creative types, such as writers and artists and others find their way to Kava and the social settings where Kava finds its natural home.

So please, discover our KAVA PASTE and enjoy all it has to offer! Share it with your friends; a small 1 ounce tub of Kava Paste can last quite some time. And, with our exclusive manufacturing process that keeps our GMP manufactured Kava Paste stable inside our outside of the fridge for at least 2 years, know you’re enjoying a safe product that’s been manufactured according to strict FDA standards at the same time.

  • KKF Kavalactone 33% Powder (1/2oz)

  • Gold Kavalactone Paste 55%

  • Full Spectrum 55% Paste


Thanks for reading, and please keep the comments, suggestions, and ideas coming! I personally respond to as many as I can, and often write articles just like this one when I feel there’s a topic that needs immediate addressing. I can’t help being concerned about the Kava products that are starting to appear on the marketplace, and we want to do our absolute best to keep you, dear consumer and treasured customer as informed and as safe as possible.

Team Kava