Kava Kava Tincture

Kava TinctureYou might be wondering, what exactly is a kava kava tincture? There are so many different preparations of this versatile tranquilizing root, many of them made with high-tech processes under fancy labels, that it can be daunting just to navigate the marketplace in order to get the product you want. Although there are variations, a kava kava tincture is usually an extract of kava root into grain alcohol; this is the difference between a tincture of kava and a kava aqueous extract, in which the root’s active compounds are extracted into water, sometimes through a process called supercritical cold CO2 extraction. A fluid extraction of this type uses carbon dioxide as a solvent to extract the root’s chemical constituents: the gas is chilled to a very low temperature and placed under high pressure in an extraction chamber, so that it becomes a liquid; this liquid CO2 is then passed through the kava root material to extract its chemical constituents.

A traditional kava brew is basically an extraction of kava root’s active compounds into cold water, sometimes with a fatty liquid such as coconut milk added. However, these days you can also enjoy non-traditional liquid extractions of kava, such as a kava kava tincture, tea, aqueous extraction or kava drink mix. You might want to consider investing in a good kava kava tincture if you want a form of kava that you can take quickly and easily but that’s also more potent than a kava pill or capsule made from dried root.

The amount and range of kava constituents in a liquid kava kava tincture can vary depending on the solvent and method of extraction. Some vendors create kava extractions using both water and alcohol in order to extract a fuller spectrum of kavalactones and associated compounds. Some kavalactones are only fat soluble, which is why people often like to add fatty liquids like coconut or almond milk to traditional cold water extractions of kava root. You can also buy non-alcoholic kava kava tinctures in which the active compounds have been extracted into grapefruit extract instead.

Just like a kava pill, a kava kava tincture is a more convenient form of kava than a liquid brew or tea, one you can take on the go or when you just want a quick dose of relaxation any time of the day. Preparing a kava brew from the whole root or a powder requires time and brew tools like a large bowl and cloth strainer that you may not feel like assembling after a long day. A kava kava tincture can be just what you need for quick relief from anxiety and stress, or as a sleep aid that may act faster and be more potent than a kava pill. A tincture of kava is also typically absorbed by the body and starts working faster than a kava capsule or kava in a food form such as a brownie or chocolate, which your stomach has to digest before you start to feel the effects.

Depending on how you take it, a kava kava tincture can start to work its calming and anxiolytic effects on you almost immediately. Some people like to let a bit of kava tincture dissolve under their tongues, in which case the tincture can start working in as a little as one minute! This might be because the mucus membranes of the salivary glands quickly absorb kavalactones, especially with a little alcohol to speed the process. A final benefit of a kava kava tincture is its long shelf life: properly sealed, a bottle of kava tincture can last five or years or more, compared to a few weeks for a brew made from fresh kava root.

It can be tricky to estimate the amount of kavalactones in a kava tincture compared to a pill in which the amount has been measured for you. In this way, taking a kava tincture is more like taking a traditional cold brew, where the amount of kavalactones varies. How much kava tincture you take depends largely on how potent you want the effects to be, and for what purpose you want to use the tincture for; you usually would take less for an anxiolytic effect than if you were using it as an insomnia aid, for example, and recreational doses tend to be higher still. A medium dose of kava kava tincture is about 1 teaspoon or five milliliters (30-35 drops from a standard eyedropper) that you could adjust up or down depending on your desired effect. You can dissolve your kava kava tincture into a little water, juice or milk if you prefer; just remember that it can take between five to ten minutes to start working when taken as a liquid beverage, compared to a minute when taken sublingually (under the tongue).

A kava kava tincture can serve as an excellent midpoint between kava pills and a traditional cold brew or kava tea: it has all the convenience of a pill, but with a quicker onset and stronger, longer-lasting effects for the times you need them.

  • Kava Tincture Regular Strength Liquid

    Kava Tincture (3% Kavalactone)

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    Kava Tincture Plus (6%)


16 Responses

  1. Lou,

    Just have fun; start off with a dropperful. IF that’s not enough for you, then try two. The wonderful thing about Kava is that your body will let you know when it’s too much. Also, the daily dose of Kavalactones is only 295mg according to the FDA. So, we always have to advise to stay within those limits.

    Team Kava

  2. God this stuff is amazing. Had a rather s***** psychiatrist who prescribed me an ungodly amount of benzodiazepines for severe insomnia & anxiety. 4mg of lorazepam a day/120mg a month. Needless to say i became severely hooked & could not sleep or really function without it. Being out of network for my insurance and away at college I was unable to afford anymore visits with him & my prescription was cut down immediately from 120 to just 30 a month. extreme withdrawals kicked in pretty much immediately I knew I needed to come off them but it is very dangerous to do a rapid detox off benzos or alcohol so I hopped on the web and remembered a friend in a similar predicament mentioning this kava tincture and how it helped him deal with anxiety & insomnia and led him to stop taking his prescribed benzo. Ordered two bottles of the stuff and took 4-6 dropper fulls that night I slept like a baby, no tremors or confusion. Never turned back since then, off those evil a** pills for good. Kava is the supreme of anxiolytic herbs. Dont know what I would have done without this stuff. Not being physically and mentally dependent on any substance is priceless. Could not thank you more for your superior product. Ordering two more bottles again very soon.

    You guys are awesome! Thanks again :)

  3. John,

    We love to hear stories from people who have used kava to improve their overall health and well-being. I have personally spoken with dozens of people who have beaten addiction with the help of kava, and we are working hard to spread the word about all of kavas benefits. Thanks for sharing!

    -Kava.com Team-

  4. This is more a question than a comment. I’m interesting in the Kava kava tincture because I suffer from IC and have a lot of pain sometimes. I thought it might help with that , wich would you recommend for that purpose, the 3% or 6%, and how drops should I use as a maximu? Thank you.

  5. Bernadette,

    The tinctures are one of my favorite products, and i always recommend the 6% Tincture Plus. The 3% may be OK if you are sensitive to the effects of kava, but most people will prefer the strength of the 6%. You should use 1-2 dropper-fulls (15-30 drops) per serving if you are just starting out. Once you are more familiar with how the tincture works you can go up to 3 dropper-fulls if you feel like you need more.

    Team Kava

  6. I am a recovering alcoholic. Will the amount of alcohol in the Kava spray be a problem for me?

  7. Mary,

    The kava tincture is the only product we carry that contains alcohol. Though it is only a small amount, I would recommend that you try any of our other products. Kava capsules and Kava paste are both strong and fast-acting kava products that are quite popular with our customers. Kava drinks are another great choice, and I have spoken with other recovering alcoholics who say that the act of sipping a kava drink feels quite pleasant.

    If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

    Team Kava

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  9. The kava tincture is amazing and works so fast, but I just read some bad news that maybe you can confirm or not. I read that kava has severely damaged some people’s livers even with short term use. Is this a legitimate concern or a rare occurrence? Also, I’m abreast feeding mom. Is kava safe to use while breast feeding a newborn?

  10. Olivia,

    Our kava only has root only. We take away harmful leaves and stems to offer only the best product. There were some original case studies that were not very accurate. A lot of the volunteers had pre- existing liver issues, so the tests were not very accurate. Kava is very safe. However, regarding breast feeding, you should always check with your doctor first.

    – Mahalo
    Team Kava

  11. I used The tincture for the first time today sublingually and holy smokes it burned badly for a few minutes, is that normal? I only used one dropper and I felt no effect. Next time I’ll try two

  12. Hi Justin,
    Yes, the strong feeling of Kava can reflect as the feeling of numbness or heat. This only means that Kava is potent, so please do not worry. You should always follow the dosage directions on the label.
    Thank you,
    Team Kava

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