What Does Kava Do?

kava-kava-plantThere are many notable effects of kava that have been well-documented throughout the history of the islands of the South Pacific and are renown the world over. Throughout the plant’s long, rich history, the virtues of kava have been discussed and espoused among the people of the Pacific Islands and beyond. Most commonly, those who use kava find that it helps them focus, relax, and be more at ease in a social context.

Homeopathically, kava is used to treat such conditions as states of excitation and exhaustion. In many parts of the world (not the United States), kava is used to help reduce excitability in children, often as an alternative to Prozac. In Hawaii, restless and feverish children are given kava root (pre-chewed by their mothers), twice a day to calm and soothe them in their state of duress. All across the South Pacific, kava is used as a calmative for children and adults. It has been shown to not only calm them, but also to help them better cope with the stresses and pressures of the world around them. Reportedly, some articles we have read propose that the consumption of Prozac may have possible links to increased suicide, but there has never been a single incident like that reported throughout the long history of kava.

Kava produces an effect on the body like no other botanical. Unlike other herbs, or even prescription medications, kava calms as well as focuses, and it is used by everyone from athletes to businessmen to dignitaries and diplomats – for anyone wanting to have a peaceful ending to their day.

For sufferers of back pain, Kava has been proven to be an effective pain reliever. This is in part due to the muscle relaxing properties of this splendid plant, which, for some reason, seems to focus its natural pain relief on the back area of the body. We know a large number of people personally who have eased the pain of their arthritis, as well as removed all traces of morning back pain with kava, after growing accustomed to this pain over time, often for years.

Traditional ritual use of the plant includes the legendary kava ceremony. Kava ceremonies date back thousands of years and are still practiced today in Hawaii, Fiji, Samoa and Vanuatu. Kava ceremonies range from the formal ceremony to the informal gathering. They can function as a greeting custom for guests, as a component of tribal negotiations, and as part of the soothing social drinking get-togethers that take place in the evenings. Many world-class athletes and dignitaries, as well as average citizens, incorporate kava into their daily lives.

Perhaps the best part about kava is that despite all of its beneficial effects, it is completely non-addictive. For us in Hawaii, the best effect of kava is simply the sociability that it offers everyone who consumes it. We feel more comfortable and more talkative, and we feel like telling long stories late into the night, as we drink several glasses of kava throughout the night, just like your favorite drink.

There are many notable effects of kava that are renown the world over. Throughout the plant’s long, rich history, the virtues of kava have been discussed and espoused among the people of the Pacific Islands and beyond. Most commonly, those who use kava find that it helps them focus, relax, and be more at ease in a social context. These effects have been well-documented throughout the history of the islands throughout the South Pacific.

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  1. Relaxed and it gives me vertigo almost every time. I sometimes get sleepy as well but that could just be because of the relaxing effect. In fact I just took some Kava pills from KonaKavaFarm. I recommend KonaKavaFarm’s 84% Kavalovetone capsules highly. Two or three of them, just like the label recommends and I don’t have a care in the world :)

  2. Yeah, it seams to work pretty well. I just took some for the first time and it surely beats going to the doctor. Paying big bucks and still not getting any help…no thanks.

  3. I just recently heard about kava from one of my friends. We both like the occasional drink, and he told me that kava was a great substitute for other drugs and forms of alcohol. I picked up a bottle of extract from my local health food store, and I simply love the effects that kava gives you. You can still function normally, maybe even better, and you get that euphoric “high” that allows for sociability and fun in most any situation. There’s nothing better than ending your day with a glass, and I really appreciate this website, it’s given me a lot of helpful information considering i’m pretty new to this wonderful root. Thanks.

  4. To whom it may concern,

    Hi, I am a student From College of the Marshall Islands (RMI), and also I am a big fan of Kava. I am a Business major student and I am taking MKT (Marketing Class); therefore, me and my group have decided to take Kava for our presentation. Out present involves: any profitable product that may build a business foundation (development). Physically, it’s about a history, geographic, and advantage of Kava As I understands, Kava is well-known (international) due to its beneficiary to the customer… as I mention above, can anyone gives me brief info of Kava. I want to more, more, and more about it…
    Dont hesitate to contact me….thank you…

  5. Dear Damien,

    I’m glad to hear that you’re doing this project! Kava is definitely a great, beneficial product for the whole world. I think you will find that this website has a lot of great information about kava history and preparation, if you look around. I don’t know too much about the business issues surrounding kava, unfortunately. If you want more information about legal issues surrounding kava in various countries, there’s a woman named Makaira who writes regular blog posts about those topics. You can find her blog here.

    I know that there was recently a conference held in Vanuatu to discuss the safety of kava and to try to re-open trading in Europe and so forth. I’m sure they discussed a great deal about the business/economic aspects of kava. See if you can find any information on that! :) You might learn a lot.

    Good luck with your project!

  6. Does anyone know if taking Kava will result in a Positive reading in a drug urine test? My job requires frequent drug tests and I’m concerned if Kava is considered a drug of some sort. thank you

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