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Any active participant in modern society is probably in need of a good stress reducer or two. We focus so much on productivity and efficiency that we sometimes fail to realize that there are greater virtues—health, happiness, and our loved ones.

While taking a relaxing getaway to the beach, woods, or even just the local spa or golf course can work wonders, what do you do when you don’t have that kind of time? Luckily, there are several quick stress reducers that you can try.

One of the most well-known ways to reduce stress introduced to the Western world within the last 50 years is meditation. There are countless forms of meditation, as every major religion incorporates it into part of its practice, and there are several offshoots and secular varieties as well. The great thing about it is that it requires little to no equipment or training; the practitioner only needs to know that meditation is a time for self-reflection and insight. We are often so busy that even taking a few moments to reflect on your life can raise levels of calm appreciably and likewise reduce stress levels.

Another stress reducer that’s not as commonly thought of as such is exercise. Exercise reduces stress in many ways, the most immediate and tangible of which is by increasing endorphin levels. Endorphins are the neurotransmitters most responsible for making you “feel good.” Exercise also can help to increase your confidence, which in turn can help to reduce stress, as feelings of anxiety and depression are then less likely to occur. There is also some overlap here with meditation, especially with competitive sports that require focus and concentration. When athletes talk about “being in the zone”, they’re referring to a meditative trance-like state.

A commonly overlooked way to reduce stress is simply by getting enough sleep. So many of us have so little time to decompress that we often find it at the very end of a long day. While it can seem like a good idea at the time (or at least a lot of fun), staying up too late is never something you thank yourself for the next day. And not just when you wake up—we all have suffered through at least one or two workdays in which we weren’t quite up to the task. Most people only need 7 or 8 hours; when this much sleep is had on a regular basis it can provide immense physical and mental health benefits.

While these are all very effective and important stress reducers, it’s also nice to have something that’s instantaneous and can be used in conjunction with recreational or work time. To that end, our research has turned up nothing more effective than kava products.

Kava is known by many names, “kava kava” being the most traditional. It hasn’t been available for very long in the Western world yet, but its popularity is growing rapidly due to its unique properties.  It has a relaxing effect but calling it a sedative isn’t quite accurate; although it does promote feelings of relaxation, kava users often feel a burst of calm energy after consuming it.

A comprehensive approach to stress reduction is always recommended, but for a little instant, natural relief, we’ve yet to find an equal to the wide variety kava products. Try some today for an instant, safe, and effective way to rid yourself of some of the stress of your day in a most safe, effective, and enjoyable way!

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  1. Well said-sounds like you lead a well-rounded life. I’m still learning about Kava kava and all this stuff.

  2. I have tried many variations of ingesting kava and have purchased from many different suppliers until I found the product I like. Kava is a great natural remedy that has been around for longer than most would think. In most regions and time periods alcohol has been used for celebrations and as a way to wind down, yet alcohol also kills millions per year and is the most destructive mood altering elixir.

    I find it amazing how the Ancient Polynesians brought Kava all the way from Fiji to Hawaii by navigating their canoes with only the sky. These people chose to bring this legendary plant to every Island they visited along their more than 4,000 mile journey. There must be a reason they held this plant so close to there way of life. Now we all can find out why they brought and have used this amazing root that provides us with an amazing elixer that is proven to reduce anxiety and not be detremintal to your health.

    However greed almost took this away from us in 2000 when suppliers saw they could grind up leaves and stems along with the main root (Kava). This caused havoc on many people’s liver and forced many countries to ban the product that has been around and used safely for thousands of years. Greed will bring down the best things in life and most of them come from nature as all was provided for us. There are still tribes in remote regions that have not been brainwashed by the modern world. They are untouched by greed and live off the land. These are the lucky ones.

  3. Chris,

    You’ve offered a very important perspective on the “demonization” of Kava in the recent past. Used safely by literally millions of people throughout Polynesia for over 3,000 years, when a single story comes out that suggests Kava MAY have been involved in liver damage, and suddenly, it’s banned. Adverse reactions to aspirin cost over 27,000 lives each year, yet Kava has yet to be directly linked to a single death, and people pull Kava KAva off their store shovels in a heartbeat. It’s the way the world seems to work, but we’re just thrilled when visitors such as yourself see past the propaganda and realize what a safe, effective, and important plant Kava Kava truly is and has been since before recorded history.

    Kava dot com

  4. I love Kava root tea! It helps me sleep much better than melatonin. Melatonin makes me feel drugged and drowsy and I often oversleep when I use it. Kava root makes me feel serene and calm and I wake up feeling fine instead of hungover. I also drink it when I’m feeling overly restless or depressed. I have ADHD and this makes me feel less restless and I can relax in the evening after my medication wears off. It also doesn’t trigger any manic symptoms of my bipolar disorder like antidepressants can often do. I swear by this stuff! :)

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