Alternative MedicineThere are so many websites peddling kava these days that it might seem impossible to discover the best kava online. Kava has exploded in popularity in the last ten years, with bars springing up that offer kava beverages instead of alcoholic ones and websites that will rapidly ship customers kava from all over the world. For kava connoisseurs who source their kava through a website, we’ve come up with a few of the qualities that really matter for those who are looking for the best kava  online.

As with any natural herbal product, safety and effectiveness are the most important factors to pay attention to when you buy kava. In the early 2000s, there were concerns that kava might be damaging to the liver when a number of people became ill after using kava purchased from a German company.

However, later research into the company revealed that it had used the toxic stems and leaves of the plant, rather than the benign roots and rhizome material, in their products.

Additionally, the company’s processing methods used acetone or alcohol instead of water to extract kava’s active compounds, even though there is evidence that these methods may produce a product that is unsafe for human consumption. The best websites will detail which parts of the plant they harvest (the rootstock and rhizome are safe to eat) and what processing method they use. We recommend buying kava that has been extracted in water, a method that has been practiced safely in the South Pacific and Hawaii for centuries.

After safety, potency is probably the most important factor when looking for the best kava online. You want to know you’ll be getting a product with undeniable effects! The most common effects of taking kava orally include slight numbing of the mouth (after drinking a kava beverage), mild drowsiness, general relaxation, calming effects and feelings of euphoria.

Many people use kava to alleviate sleeping problems, and it has been clinically shown to be effective in reducing the symptoms of anxiety in a number of studies. Kava can have some of the same relaxing effects as alcohol, meaning it can be drunk in place of alcoholic beverages for people looking to cut back on alcohol consumption. However, because of kava’s slightly inebriating effects, we still recommend that you refrain from driving or operating machinery after drinking kava. The advantage of getting your kava online is that the product is usually fresher (especially if the company does same-day delivery), and you can try kava from many different sources to find the strain that delivers the best effects for you. You might obtain the best kava kava by buying it directly from a farm, ensuring you’ll get an extremely fresh product!

Kava can be something of an acquired taste for first-time drinkers, as the root may be a bit bitter and chalky in texture. However, different farms have different processing methods which may improve the native taste of the plant and reduce the prevalence of bitter alkaloids. Certain strains of kava are said to be sweeter – many people say that Hawaiian kava is much sweeter than Fiji or Vanuatu kava, for example. Much like cured tobacco, kava keeps best when it is sealed in a foil pack or other airtight container to keep the root slightly moist. Proper packing is as important as proper curing when it comes to guaranteeing great-tasting kava. If you are completely new to kava, you might want to find a site that offers kava in a number of different forms: these days you can buy kava as a whole root, powder, paste, in capsules or as a drink mix. Some South Pacific countries such as Vanuatu have even started selling kava cola. Being able to choose from a variety of delivery options will help you find the form of kava that is most effective and palatable to you. Flavored kava drink mixes are especially useful for the first-time drinker who’s still adjusting to the taste of kava.

Finding the best kava kava online is ultimately a matter of your personal preference and individual reaction to kava. The most important information to look for on any kava-selling site are the measures that company has taken to ensure its kava is both safe and effective; the rest is open to experimentation. With time and research, internet sites can help you discover your favorite way to enjoy the properties of this calming plant.