kava-loyalty-programWe recently announced the exciting Kava Loyalty Points program.  We wish we could give Kava Loyalty Points to everyone who has purchased from us over the years, but the program covers any purchase made from June 1, 2015 onward.)

The program couldn’t be any simpler. Just for signing up for an account, you receive 250 points! If you write a review, you will receive 100 points. Feel free to write as many reviews as you wish (for any products you have purchased), and you can quickly build up enough points for a free order! Don’t be shy; we love giving away Kava when it’s in exchange for honest reviews of our many products!

How It Works

Quite simply, you get one Kava Point for every dollar you spend. Just 100 Kava points earns you $1.00 in real money at the Kava Marketplace. The good news is that your points can be used in addition to any other Coupon Codes you might have. And, there are many ways to add loyalty points:

  • Sign Up for an Account: Signing up for an account nets you a one-time 250 points.
  • Review a product and you will get 100 points deposited as soon as it’s approved.
  • Like us on Facebook and we’ll add 50 points to your account.
  • We are adding new ways quite often; check back for more ways to earn free Kava!

The Fine Print

We’ve already fielded a lot of phone calls about this program:

  1. We’re sorry, but any purchases made previous to June 1, 2015 are not eligible for Kava Points
  2. Wholesale accounts are not eligible for Kava Points as a large discount is already built in
  3. Simply contact us if you feel there are any errors in your Kava Points account balance and we will adjust it for you.

Got More Questions?

We’ve got our Kava Points FAQ over in our FAQ section.  But just create an account with us here at Kava.com, then log on and explore. You’ll see how easy it is to track your points, to generate new points, and to participate in making Kava.com the best place for Kava-related items and products at the same time.  Feel free to call us with questions about the program at 716-989-5577 or via email at [email protected] We answer all emails within 24 hours, and within a short amount of time during normal weekday business hours.