Kava Points Loyalty Program

How It Works

Quite simply, you get one Kava Point for every dollar you spend. 100 Kava points earns you $1.00 off of your order on kava.com. Your points can be used in addition to any other coupon codes you might have. And, there are many ways to add loyalty points:

  • Sign Up for an Account – 250 points
  • Review a product – 100 points (pending approval)
  • Like us on Facebook – 50 points
  • Post about us on Instagram or Facebook – 50 points
  • Take our survey – 150 points

We are adding new ways quite often; check back for more ways to earn free Kava!


The Fine Print

We’ve already fielded a lot of phone calls about this program:

  1. We’re sorry, but any purchases made previous to June 1, 2015 are not eligible for Kava Points
  2. Wholesale accounts are not eligible for Kava Points as a large discount is already built in
  3. Please provide proof when you like us on Facebook or post about us on your social media by emailing us at [email protected]
  4. Simply contact us if you feel there are any errors in your Kava Points account balance and we will adjust it for you.


Got More Questions?

We’ve got our Kava Points FAQ over in our FAQ section.  But just create an account with us here at Kava.com, then log on and explore. You’ll see how easy it is to track your points, to generate new points, and to participate in making Kava.com the best place for Kava-related items and products at the same time.  Feel free to call us with questions about the program at 716-989-5577 or via email at [email protected]. We answer all emails within 24 hours, and within a short amount of time during normal weekday business hours.

16 Responses

  1. I am signing up for the rewards program and am very excited to try your products.I hope this information is what is required to join program. I plan on doing all my Kava ordering through your company.

  2. Joseph,

    Great to hear; thanks for signing up! Remember that writing HONEST product reviews gets you loyalty points; you get points even if you post a critical review as honesty is what we thrive on here! With the Loyalty Points program, you will receive exclusive offers via email as well, but you can opt-out anytime if the once-per-month emails are too much. Welcome aboard and a happy Aloha to you!


  3. I would like to write a review for KAVA POINTS. I tried the Kavalactone Full Spectrum Paste. My mouth was a bit numb at first, but I did notice a calming effect from the paste. I ordered more when it was gone.

  4. My wife seemed to enjoy my Kava use, as it kept me calmer! I guess she will want me to continue using it?

  5. I forgot to add to my first comment that I didn’t think the Kava worked as planned at first, but after it was all gone, I did notice a difference without it – so did my wife. So I ordered more!

  6. Scott,

    Great to hear that both you and your wife have been enjoying the paste! You can post a review (for kava points!) on the kava.com product page. Simply click on the ‘Discussion’ tab right above the product description to let us know what you think of our kava. Looking forward to hearing from you!

    Kava.com Team

  7. Glad to hear that you are happy with the product and our service Keith! Remember that you continue to receive kava points for each order that you place.

    KavaDotCom Team

  8. Always enjoy the products. The capsules are best for me – handy and easy. I even saved some of the empty capsules (since I open them and add to tea or diet coke) then I put the paste in the capsules which made the paste tasteless.

  9. Joanne,

    Great thinking! Many people find the paste to be a little too bitter but this is the first time that I’ve heard of putting paste inside of the capsules. We’ll keep that in mind if we are ever looking for new product ideas!

    -KavaDotCom Team-

  10. Since I recently went to rehab for my alcoholism, upon my return home I decided to no longer take/get my monthly rx. for Tramadol, which I tended to abuse. I have serious osteoarthritis and gout thank God I found your website and kava!
    It really works for me.
    Thank you.

  11. Dennis,

    We love to hear stories about kava making a difference in people’s lives. A big part of our mission here at KavaDotCom is to inform people about all the uses and benefits of this remarkable herb. Thanks For Sharing!

    Team Kava

  12. I have Multiple Sclerosis. And Kava is the only “natural” remedy I have found which takes away ALL my muscle spasispasicity pain!
    No other pharmacutical drug works for me like kava!

    I’m so impressed with the knowlegable ‘Kava Guru” too!
    All my questions are answered!

    And I am so sad that I suffered for so long, spent so much time, and a lot of money on drugs doctor’s precribed me. When Kava was right under my nose.

    This is my second time ordering from Kava.com.
    They have exceptional products and efficient, expidited shipping.
    I am one of your biggest fan’s now!

  13. As someone who suffered from shyness/anxiety my entire life I can’t recommend Kava enough. In the few weeks I’ve been taking it, it’s changed my life. Only wish I would have found it sooner. Not only has it helped with anxiety, but I’ve cut back my drinking from at least a 15pack a day to only usually drinking during the weekend. The money I spend on Kava is more than made up for by the money I spent drinking everyday. I can’t thank you guys enough. You have a lifetime client here.

  14. I have used Kava since a dear friend told (hinted) to me that it was great for anxiety and helped with blood pressure. The 55% Kavalactone really is special!
    And I lived in Hawaii for a time and found nothing to match it!

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