Kava.com Review – “We Are Kava” Online

In this installment of Kava.com Reviews, we’ve share how hard we’ve been working hard behind the scenes here! Read the exciting full story inside for our latest Kava Reviews!

Private Label Kava

We often get asked if we private label Kava.  As with our wholesale program, this is a resounding “Yes!”  We love providing top quality Kava in your own branded packages.  We can do everything from sourcing your Kava, to formulating your product, to helping with distribution and retail sales.  We even have 2 fulfillment centers; […]

Buy Wholesale Kava

If you’re looking to buy wholesale Kava, look no further than the experts here at Kava.com! With nearly 20 years of wholesale experience, we’re your 1-Stop Shop for all your Kava needs. Our personalized service helps bars, café’s, distributors, and retail stores shine.

Kona Kava Farm Review

We sometimes feel very behind the times when it comes to social media, but Kona Kava Farm finally produced and published its first video on our Kona Kava Farm YouTube Channel in August of 2015!  We wanted to present something short and lighthearted, and think we did pretty darn well for a first try. The […]

Whole Kava Roots!

It’s been a long time, but Kava.com is finally offering WHOLE KAVA ROOTS once again, as of this writing.  These whole kava roots are typically reserved for our hardcore Kava lovers, but now anyone can once again enjoy Kava just like coffee; ground fresh the moment you choose to make some Kava for yourself or for friends. […]

Happiest Kava in the World

We realize that the article title is quite a bold statement, but All Kava is not created equal.  And, after many years of patience, patience, and more patience, Kava Dot Com couldn’t be more proud of their new Premium Kava variety, lovingly grown on their own farmland in Vanuatu.  This Premium Kava Root not only […]

Kava Kava Supplement

More and more people in the West today have experienced the benefits of kava kava, either as a supplement or in its traditional form as a relaxing*, communal brew. A kava kava supplement can offer many benefits for slowing down in our fast-paced world, but discovering the type of kava supplement that’s right for you […]

Where Do I Begin With Kava?

Welcome to our WHERE DO I BEGIN WITH KAVA? guide; one of several helpful articles to start you on a wonderful journey to anxiety and stress reduction. See the closely-related “Beginner’s Guide to Kava” for more generalized details: 00. WHAT DOES KAVA DO? First, Kava is truly one of the rare gifts from nature. Kava has […]

Day ONE of Kava Marketplace

Thanks to everyone who made our quiet soft “Grand Opening” of the Kava Dot Com KAVA MARKETPLACE today.  We’re thrilled at the number of people who trusted us to place orders through the site, and we have already shipped most of those orders off! We’re thrilled to have so many high-quality Kava suppliers from the […]

Kava Bars In California

While the proliferation of websites selling kava online means you can easily purchase and brew your own kava at home, for an initial experience nothing beats going to a kava bar: there you can try kava for the first time in an atmosphere that is pleasant, congenial, and offers the opportunity to discover kava’s potential […]