Is Kava Legal in the U.S.?

What with all the media hype and misleading studies about kava being damaging to the liver, you might wonder if kava is legal in the United States? It would not be surprising if the FDA had taken similar steps to ban the sale of kava as have health food agencies in Europe, Great Britain and […]

Kava Kava Ireland

Ireland is a long way away from the balmy shores of the South Pacific where kava originated; you may wonder why we’re bothering to talk about Ireland and kava in the same breath. However, for people living on the Emerald Isle who are looking for a natural and effective route to tension relief, finding out […]

Buying Kava Direct

I’ve been spending a lot of time recently discussing the best ways for our customers to figure out how to get the best kava online.  This is clearly a very important issue, as there are more and more kava vendors appearing online every day, and it can be tricky to figure out which are providing […]

Best Kava Online

There are so many websites peddling kava these days that it might seem impossible to discover the best kava online. Kava has exploded in popularity in the last ten years, with bars springing up that offer kava beverages instead of alcoholic ones and websites that will rapidly ship customers kava from all over the world. […]

Buy Kava

Perhaps one of the most-asked question we get here at Kava dot com, is about where to buy kava.  It can be a daunting task, especially when one types “buy kava” into Google and over a million results appear!  We’ve been your trusted source for this information since the 1990’s, and instead of simply posing […]