Kava-MarketplaceThanks to everyone who made our quiet soft “Grand Opening” of the Kava Dot Com KAVA MARKETPLACE today.  We’re thrilled at the number of people who trusted us to place orders through the site, and we have already shipped most of those orders off!

We’re thrilled to have so many high-quality Kava suppliers from the start; from the family-run farms at Kulea Farm Company and Kona Kava Farm, to the large botanical company called Starwest, to the Kava Bar that has its own brand of Kava called Bula Kava House.  We’re working on a Kava Sampler that will include a 2-4 ounce package of Kava Powder from each shop that has Kava in our Kava Marketplace; look for that in early August.  Newsletter members (SIGN UP HERE) will get advance notice of the Kava Samplers, and will also get a 20% discount code for those samplers when they arrive.

If anyone has any thoughts on the decision to add a Kava Marketplace to our informational website, feel free to comment below.  I’ll answer your comments or questions personally.  I’m excited to offer as many brands of Kava in one place, and as wide a variety of Kava products as possible in one place.  We’re still courting other suppliers who’s Kava we highly regard, so check back to the Marketplace often as we’re still adding new brands and types of Kava Products.

In fact, just for reading this post, I’m offering a one-time use coupon for all new members of the Kava Marketplace here at Kava Dot Com:


Enter it into the Special Offer/Coupon Code section, and it will give you 10% off your entire first order!

Speaking of Loyalty Programs, we work a little differently than other Loyalty Programs on outer websites.  Instead of tracking the number of orders you place, we instead track the total amount you spend at the Kava Marketplace.  The more you spend, the higher your reward level, reaching a maximum of a permanent 20% discount here at Kava Dot Com.  For anyone who spends just $250.00 total here, you will automatically receive a Permanent 10% off at our Kava Marketplace.  And it goes up from there.  Read the Loyalty Program topic on the Kava Marketplace for full details.

Well, that’s it for me for today.  We’re still getting a few last products in, so we don’t want to advertise the Kava Marketplace until the 25th of July, but the store is open and accepting orders.  Once we’re fully online, I’ll update everyone on how it’s all going.

Thanks to all of you, we got enough Fans over at Facebook to get our own custom web address over there.  Like us and we’ll give you an additional 10% coupon for your second order here at Kava Dot Com. We don’t post fanatically on Facebook, but we do keep a steady pace, and post enough interesting items to keep you coming back.

Many blessings and joyous days to you and your loved ones!  And remember that everything is better with Kava!

Bryan Kava