We Are Kava.comIn this installment of Kava.com Reviews, we’ve share how hard we’ve been working hard behind the scenes here! We’ve upgraded our infrastructure, expanded our wholesale programs, and vastly improved user experience, among other exciting things.  I couldn’t be more pleased with the result as we launched both our AdWords campaigns and unveiled our new website design on March 17, 2016.

Whenever sweeping changes are made, we all hold our breath to see how people might respond.  Already, we’ve seen positive feedback on all fronts, which was exciting for everyone here!  With the dual search boxes at the top of the site, visitors can find either articles on Kava, or a wide range of ever-exapnding Kava products in the Kava Marketplace.  With the new modern design, visitors say they’re finding more of what they’re looking for, faster and easier.  That’s great news as we built our new website from the ground up, based on nearly a year of feedback from our entire staff here at Kava.com.  So the initial Kava.com review

If you want to write a quick review on the Kava.com experience, we’d love to hear it and will add 250 Kava Points to your account for doing so.  As long as it’s constructive, we post both positive and negative Kava.com reviews.  Speaking of, we’ve got an already popular program called “Kava Loyalty Points“, where you get rewarded for everything from making purchases, to leaving reviews (positive or negative), giving us recipes for Kava, or submitting photos or experiences for our Kava Blog.

We finally decided to remove the “Where to Buy Kava” link that dominated our website previous to our new design.  We were the place to go to find information, reviews, and news on Kava for over a decade. It was only in 2013 that we decided to also offer Kava for sale.  It’s now at the bottom of the page, but it’s still as available as it was.  We felt that visitors know that we’re both a source of information on Kava, as well as the premier marketplace to buy Kava online.

It was exciting to see a jump in visitors deciding to stay a little longer yesterday, and we hope that trend continues.  We’ve always had an extensive Kava Library, but have made it vastly easier to access.  Take a look and let us know what you think.  Kava.com reviews the news for any newsworthy news articles, and adds the usual new informational article every week or so.  And now, the page dynamically updates with new content automatically!

As a special launch bonus, we’re offering the “WE ARE KAVA COUPON“, good until the end of the month.  Simply enter “wearekava” into the Coupon Code box on checkout, and you’ll enjoy a 1-time discount of 20% off your entire order!  We’re only offering this coupon here, to those who took the time to read through this post, so take advantage while you can.  Coupon expires on April 1, 2016.

We have also expanded our wholesale program to include both bulk Kava and packaged unbranded Kava.  Previously, we have only offered branded packages, in 12-packs for bars.  But now, we offer a choice.  Some Kava bars like to have a branded product so customers know and trust the quality of the Kava.  Some like to have blank packages so there’s no branding.  And still others like to have us manufacture their Kava products for them, putting their artwork on the packages so the Kava they offer is custom-branded just for them!  Read all about our new and expanded Wholesale Kava Program to find out more.

Thanks to all our visitors and customers who have made this possible.  We hope to honor everyone by continuing to upgrade and expand the customer experience throughout 2016.  And thanks for reading the latest installment of Kava.com Reviews, where we share the latest developments and news from the Kava front.

Team Kava