Kavalactone Lineup / Chemotypes Decoded

Well, we made our second foray into social media marketing with our second video on Kava for our new Kona Kava Farm YouTube Channel. We’re pretty darn proud of this video as well, and hope you enjoy Episode 01 of “Kava Classroom”. This new video series will discuss all aspects of Kava. We sometimes answer […]

Kava Paste Review

Ahh, one of my favorite topics to discuss when discussing Kava is Kava Paste! It’s usually called “Kavalactone Paste”, but many people seem to be referring to it as “Kava Paste” these days. Welcome to our very biased, but equally sincere Kava Paste Review for your viewing pleasure: To give credit where credit is due, KonaKavaFarm.com […]

Soy Lethicin

On the list of kava accessories we offer on Kava Dot Com, you may have noticed a humble product called soy lethicin being sold alongside the muslin bags and coconut bowls. Soy lethicin appears on the ingredients list of foods from tea to yogurt, and even in asthma inhalers and other medical products. This is […]

Kava Kava Tincture

You might be wondering, what exactly is a kava kava tincture? There are so many different preparations of this versatile tranquilizing root, many of them made with high-tech processes under fancy labels, that it can be daunting just to navigate the marketplace in order to get the product you want. Although there are variations, a […]

Kava Pills

Kava pills are one of the most widely available forms of kava kava you can buy these days. This popular commercial kava preparation usually consists of dried root material packed into a digestible capsule, or a gel capsule that contains a standardized kava root extract. In the second form, kava pills often contain a standardized […]

Kava Brownies

It used to be a given that kava root could not be heated past 140 degrees Fahrenheit without destroying its active kavalactones and resulting in a disappointing experience. However, culinary experiments in baking and cooking with kava have shattered this assumption, leading many chefs to create tasty recipes for kava brownies, kava sauces, kava candies […]

How to Make Kava

You might wonder, “Why go to the trouble of learning how to make kava?” After all, there are plenty of vendors out there offering ready-made kava products in almost every conceivable form: pills, capsules, tinctures, powders and drink mixes. In comparison to popping a kava capsule or mixing a little kava tincture into water, the […]

Kavalactones Dosage

First, what you probably found this page for is this: Our Kavalactone Paste is formulated so that 1/8th of a teaspoon is a single dose. That single dose delivers 145mg of Kavalactone, which is 1/2 of the recommended daily dose of 290mg by the FDA.  1/8th of a teaspoon is also what we call a […]

How Much Kava Should I Take?

One of the most frequent questions we get from kava newbies is “How much kava should I take?” To be honest, there is no one answer to this excellent question: how much kava you should take will depend on the effects you want to obtain from it. In different doses, kava can be a sleep-aid, […]

Can Kava Get You High?

Given its increasing reputation as a mellowing medicine of the South Pacific, one the question about kava that we hear a lot is, “Can kava get you high?” The answer to this question is ultimately a matter of perspective: “high” is a broad term that takes in dozens of psychoactive plants with their own unique […]