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The Secret to Great Kava Drinks

Making a great traditional Kava drink is easier than many think. Yes, we offer all kinds of shortcuts here on But nothing quite soothes the soul and mind like putting just a little effort into making your own traditional Kava drink using raw Kava powder. And what is that secret weapon?

A high quality cotton / muslin / hemp strainer bag for your Kava!

Even with Kava drinks, there are a wide range of options to choose from. First, we have the Kava Blender Bottle. That’s just a sealed large cup with a ball inside it. All you do is add your liquid, add your Kava next, put the ball in and shake! This can be a great option for micronized and instant Kava drinks. But, it’s not such a great choice if you’re working from raw Kava root.

Raw Kava root requires some straining. It’s a lot like kneading dough. It’s not difficult, and it only takes a couple of minutes.

So, there are also stainless steel strainers. they come in all shapes and sizes; from tea strainer balls, to larger ones that have been developed specifically for use with Kava. None of those are large enough or very effective for making a magically delicious Kava drink. Of all the stainless steel mesh strainers we’ve tried, the one we offer here works better than any other:

mesh strainer for making kava drinks

We sell these as complete kits! All you do is place your Kava inside that mesh cylinder, place that into your standard wide-mouth canning jar, and then shake or let sit for a day. Just like cold-brewed coffee, you will have a strong drink, with all the goodness of Kava, with minimal effort. Or, if you want to add an additional step, you can always blend your Kava in a blender for a few minutes first. And then, pour that mixture into this strainer, and you will have the perfect Kava drink with no kneading or squeezing. Just let the liquid strain through the mesh, discard the leftover material, and enjoy!

It’s In The Bag!

The next option is the most traditional method of making and enjoying your Kava drink: using a muslin / cotton / hemp strainer bag. These are commonly knows as “nut milk bags”, but they work amazingly well for Kava as well! You may be surprised to hear that not all strainer bags are the same though! Since Kavalactones are a fatty (the good kind of fat), they tend to make a thicker mixture when blended with liquid. So, a low quality strainer bag will clog very easily.

A clogged strainer bag is pretty useless, and you will end up being frustrated, giving up, and never trying the traditional method to enjoy Kava again. We’re here to save you from that!

Our Kava Drink Strainer Pro extraction bags are made from high quality organic hemp cotton. And, I know just because something is organic, doesn’t make it amazing. It can be a sign of quality though, and this is especially true for our Kava Drink Strainerstrainer bags. You need to have a thread count that is fine enough to hold back all the fine particles that will make your Kava drink “chalky”, while also allowing enough of the Kavalactones to go through to make a full-bodied, strong drink.

We tested at least 50 different types and brands. Nothing came close to the hemp cotton that we found along the way. Hemp cotton was the perfect solution to making the perfect shell of a traditional Kava drink. Our strainer bag is not only big enough to handle comfortably, it’s sturdy enough to handle the kneading process along the way.

Just like any nut milk – Kava is strained in exactly the same way. As you can see from the photo on the right (and in the video below), just a little extra effort and work is so worth the final result.

Kava drinks made in the traditional way offer the full array of lactones and other compounds in Kava. Not only is Kava a great way to reduce stress, it’s also a way to get some healthy fiber into your diet as well. This is especially true when Kava is made in this way.

Our Kava Strainer Pro bags are also large enough to make some drinks to last you a few days. Since Kava stays fresh in your fridge for up to a week, you can make enough to share with friends or to last you a few days, with just one round of straining.

The next question we get asked is; “What about cleanup? Not only do I have to knead and strain the Kava, I have to clean up afterwards?”

Well, with all good things come at least some effort, right?

The good news is that cleaning up after straining is easier than it might initially seem. And this is because you can simply turn the strainer bag inside out, and shake into the trash (or your composter – Kava is great for gardens). Most of the leftover Kava mass clumps together and will come out in a single lump. Then, it’s just a matter of rinsing under the faucet, and you’re ready to go next time!

Customer Submitted Recipes – Yes Please!

If you have any preparations you like, please share them here. We love adding recipes that customers send into us. If we post your original recipe, you will also get a $20.00 gift voucher for anything you want in our Kava Marketplace, as well as credit for your recipe and a link to anywhere you wish.

On our original website at KonaKavaFarm, we offer a few favorites; Favorite Kava Recipes.

And, we expand that list here on the Kava Marketplace; More Kava Drink Recipes.

1. Traditional Kava Drink

* In a large bowl, mix together 4 cups of water and 1 cup of ground kava root.
* Let the mixture sit for about 10-15 minutes to allow the kava to release its active compounds.
* For a stronger drink, please the mixture into a blender for 5 minutes, any setting.
* Strain the liquid into a separate container using, cheesecloth, muslin or strainer.
* Serve the kava drink in a coconut cup and enjoy!

NOTE: Kava should not be consumed in excessive amounts, and it should not be consumed by people under 18 or pregnant women. Some people may experience mild side effects such as dizziness or drowsiness after consuming kava.

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