We Do Much More Than Wholesale Kava!

We’re proud of the personalized service and attention to you that we offer every one of our wholesale kava customers. We can also design, manufacture, package and print your Kava product in a GMP facility.  To get started with kava wholesale, all we need from you is your business info, including your TAX ID and/or your Reseller Number, as well as a brief description of what you’re looking to do, the kind of volume you think you might be doing, and what kind of products you might be interested in. Sign up automatically on our REGISTER FOR KAVA WHOLESALE page.

For Kava bars, we offer a wide variety of products just for you. Our Single Serving packs made it easy to offer a very precise dose of Kavalactones in a simple quick-tear pouch. For wholesale accounts, we offer much larger packs of the single serve packs. And, that’s just one example of how we cater to you if you’re a Kava bar.

For retailers, we not only offer every product with a UPC code on it, we offer a wide variety of products from both Kava Dot Com, Kona Kava Farm, and Happy Kava Brand. We acquired Kona Kava Farm several years ago, and have revamped their entire product line from the ground up.

Our minimums are just $200.00 per purchase. Initial wholesale discounts start at 20% off retail pricing for your first order, then quickly moves to 25%. Wholesale Kava discounts can go up to 35% as your volume and frequency of orders increases. We reward you on an accelerated basis for your loyalty as well as your success! The more you buy, the more you save, increasing your bottom line while reducing overhead.

You also get a priority phone number that’s separate from the retail side of the website to ensure you get the highest level of support possible. We can handle ANY size order, and have not missed a promised delivery date yet.

And, once you grow enough, we do offer private labeled products for your bar, customized with labels that we design and/or provide for you, or with labels that we simply place on the packages for you.


If you’ve already got a wholesale account, you can visit our ONE-PAGE WHOLESALE ORDER FORM here:


Speaking of, we are the only Kava company we know of that has an FDA-compliant GMP manufacturing facility that’s been built from the ground up to service the Kava industry. Every piece of equipment, every protocol, is built on over two decades of experience in the manufacturing side of the Kava industry. It may not seem like that big of a deal, but having your products manufactured in a fully compliant manufacturing facility protects you from any unpleasant visits from the FDA for having misbranded or out of spec product in the marketplace.

So, give us a call today, and ask for the Wholesale Department. Or, if you want to email first, simply send the above requested info off to kava at kava dot com, and I will get back to you personally. Once we get to know each other a bit, we’ll set you up with a custom Coupon Code that will stay with you as you grow, automatically tracking your order frequency and totals, instantaneously adjusting discounts as you go.

All orders can conveniently be placed on the retail site with your with as much or as little interaction from us as you wish. If you just want to get your order and get it the next day, wholesale account login, you can use our convenient Excel Spreadsheet Order Form, or you can simply place your wholesale Kava order over the phone with us.

Mahalo & Aloha, Bryan / 716-803-6428 KV Naturals, Inc. d.b.a. KavaDotCom & Kona Kava Farm
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