kava and anxietyWe’re getting asked questions like this more and more frequently: Kava.com, please tell me about Kava and anxiety — Is it effective to help fight anxiety?  Will Kava cause more anxiety?  Is Kava one of the best things I can take to help reduce my stress?  What we’ve learned is that people seem to be looking to de-stress, to find the opposite of caffeine injected power drinks that increase anxiety and heart rates.  And, although we’re biased, we feel Kava is one of the best things you can do for both your body and your anxiety.  Let’s talk about why.

First, Kava has been prescribed throughout Europe to help fight anxiety for many years.  It was becoming wildly popular, reportedly rivaling prescription medication prescriptions in the early 2000’s. In fact, Kava was so safe, that it was prescribed to children in Germany instead of potentially dangerous pharmaceuticals such as Prozac (Kava is treated as a prescription medication in Germany.)  That is BIG news!  Kava and anxiety have gone hand in hand for decades in the medical world, but in the herbal remedy world, that kind of a story is actually old news.

The bottom line is simply this: Is Kava effective against anxiety?  The answer is a resounding “Yes!”

It’s also a great stress buster, it can help calm frayed nerves, and it can help promote a sense of well-being.  Want to calm down?  Kava will help you accomplish that goal.  This fact has been known for thousands of years throughout Oceania as well.  And, now that you know Kava can be a great choice in the battle against anxiety, what type of Kava is the most effective in that fight?

Kava and anxiety have been old pals for as long as I can remember in my own life.  I often feel like I need to take a step back, to take a time out, and to simply breathe.  My solution? – I thoroughly enjoy the process of making a powerful stress-fighting drink from freshly powdered Kava root.  Yes, I force myself to go through the process of making my own Kava drink when I’m really stressed out.  I measure the root (3 tablespoons), place it into a blender, and add 2/3 cup of coconut milk and 1/4 cup of pineapple juice. I then blend that for 3 minutes, and, without letting it settle, strain it through a muslin bag.  Once I do that, I knead the kava in the muslin bag to squeeze out every last bit of Kavalactone I can.  And, like a stress squeeze ball, my anxiety level already starts to decrease simply because of this ancient, and once sacred ritual.

By the time I get to gulping down my shell of Kava, my anxiety, perhaps in anticipation of the Kava drink, has already started to wane.  Even knowing I have such a powerful tool in my hands helps to melt my stress away.  As I gulp down my first shell, I begin to prepare a second shell.  For me, an experienced Kava drinker, I like the feeling that 2-3 shells of strong Kava provides me.  And, it doesn’t matter how much stress or anxiety I have, it works every single time.

So, to me, plain old powdered Kava root is the best form for anxiety.  But, I know people don’t like the mess.  So, my second choice (and often my first when I’m on the go and stressing out), is Kava Tincture.  And, not just any old Kava tincture, but tincture with a standardized 6% Kavalactone content in it.  The only brand I know of that offers this extra strong liquefied Kava is Kona Kava Farm’s Kava Tincture Plus.  (Yes, that’s a shameless plug for one of the products we carry here — I can’t help it because I love this product!) I place just 4 dropperfuls (not 4 drops) under my tongue, and within a few minutes, I feel my stress melting away, as I realize Kava and anxiety are indeed opposites.  Where there’s Kava, there’s no anxiety.  And where there’s a lot of anxiety, there surely can’t be any Kava.

Customers often ask if Kava Capsules work to help fight anxiety.  To me, it really depends on what kind of stress you’re looking to remedy.  If you have extended, ongoing stress in your life, if entire days can put a strain on your peace of mind, then Kava Capsules (at least 30% Kavalactone Capsules) would probably be the best answer for you.  If you get stressful moments in your life, that happens in random moments, then I would say that Kava powder, Kavalactone Paste 55%, or Kava Tincture Plus would be your best bet.

The reason for this is simple:

  • Kava Capsules work over an extended period of time, and is less of a “kick in the pants” remedy
  • Kava Tincture Plus provides instant relief, but is a short term solution
  • Kavalactone Paste 55% is a middle ground — it can help both short and long term anxiety

So, when we’re talking about Kava and anxiety, it really depends on what kind we’re talking about.  Once you’ve narrowed that down, then the choices become quite easy.

As usual, if you’ve got any questions or need any clarification, please feel free to post in the comments below.  I personally answer every single comment as best I can.  Join the discussion, let’s talk Kava!

Team Kava