Long Term Anxiety Relief With Kava

One of the questions we often get is whether or not Kava can be a natural long-term solution to anxiety relief. The TLDR answer is a resounding yes! Many know that Kava is amazing for short term stress support and anxiety relief. Fewer seem to know that it can be a powerful weapon against long […]

Both Stress and Anxiety Relief With Kava

  If you’re looking for what the FDA doesn’t allow us to call a “cure” for both stress and anxiety, then look no further than Kava Kava. In order to make the claim that Kava can help relieve both stress and anxiety, there is a threshold that needs to be reached in terms of research. […]

Kava and Anxiety

We’re getting asked questions like this more and more frequently: Kava.com, please tell me about Kava and anxiety — Is it effective to help fight anxiety?  Will Kava cause more anxiety?  Is Kava one of the best things I can take to help reduce my stress?  What we’ve learned is that people seem to be looking to […]

Is Kava Safe?

As we strive to be the best internet resource we can regarding all things kava, we get the question “Is kava safe?” all the time. There’s a general bias in Western civilization to regard the exotic or unfamiliar as dangerous, even when—as with kava—there are abundant studies demonstrating its general safety when used responsibly. For […]

Kava Kava Tincture

You might be wondering, what exactly is a kava kava tincture? There are so many different preparations of this versatile tranquilizing root, many of them made with high-tech processes under fancy labels, that it can be daunting just to navigate the marketplace in order to get the product you want. Although there are variations, a […]

Kava Pills

Kava pills are one of the most widely available forms of kava kava you can buy these days. This popular commercial kava preparation usually consists of dried root material packed into a digestible capsule, or a gel capsule that contains a standardized kava root extract. In the second form, kava pills often contain a standardized […]

Kava Benefits and Side Effects

Whenever you look into any new herbal remedy, kava benefits and side effects are some of the first factors you should consider in determining if an herb is right for you. Kava has been used medicinally for hundreds if not thousands of years in Polynesia, Micronesia, and Hawaii, as well as a recreational beverage for relaxation […]

Kava Aphrodisiac

For those of you familiar with the effects of kava aphrodisiac properties might not be the first thing that springs to mind. In general, kava has the effect of relaxing you, reducing anxiety, and promoting sociability; while none of these effects are directly aphrodisiac in themselves, kava’s ability to help people let go of their […]

How Much Kava Should I Take?

One of the most frequent questions we get from kava newbies is “How much kava should I take?” To be honest, there is no one answer to this excellent question: how much kava you should take will depend on the effects you want to obtain from it. In different doses, kava can be a sleep-aid, […]

Kava Kava Ireland

Ireland is a long way away from the balmy shores of the South Pacific where kava originated; you may wonder why we’re bothering to talk about Ireland and kava in the same breath. However, for people living on the Emerald Isle who are looking for a natural and effective route to tension relief, finding out […]