Both Stress and Anxiety Relief With Kava


If you’re looking for what the FDA doesn’t allow us to call a “cure” for both stress and anxiety, then look no further than Kava Kava. In order to make the claim that Kava can help relieve both stress and anxiety, there is a threshold that needs to be reached in terms of research. The great news is that there are more than enough peer reviewed studies on the effectiveness of Kava and Kava Extracts’ ability to offer both stress relief and anxiety relief. In the “REFERENCES” section below, we link to just a few of these studies. There’s a reason why Kava has been around for over 3,000 years, used by all walks of life, and with great effectiveness.

In fact, in Europe, Kava is regularly prescribed to both children and adults to help combat anxiety that reaches the levels where prescription medication would typically be called for. On our own staff, we had an employee who was taking prescription medication to help deal with his anxiety. Over the course of 8 weeks, he slowly tapered off his prescription medication and switched it with Kavalactone 33% Capsules.

Although his anxiety didn’t disappear, it was manageable, and with virtually no side effects, other than an added feeling of well-being on the days his anxiety was completely under control. We are passionate about Kava for so many reasons, but it’s uncanny ability to alleviate both stress and anxiety is one of the main reasons we love to share the wonders of this ancient root.

DISCLAIMER: We are not doctors and cannot provide medical advice of any kind. If you are looking for ways to help deal with your stress and anxiety, then please see a doctor before considering switching from prescription meds to Kava.

One of the first questions we get asked on this topic, is which of the many Kava products are most effective to help alleviate stress and anxiety. The bottom line is that every person is different, and it can really depend on both your tolerance level and your preference.

For example, if I had to state the most popular Kava product purchased for those customers who are specifically looking for stress relief, I would day that it’s a tie between our Kavalactone 33% Capsules, and our Kava Tincture Max 12%.

One is easy – it’s a usual capsule everyone is familiar with. And, since it’s a capsule, it can take 30-45 minutes to “kick in”. The effects will last over a longer periods of time as well (around 4-6 hours or so).

If you want to hit your anxiety fast and hard, then the Kavalactone Tincture MAX 12% might be your best bet. The warm, happy feelings will start to hit you within just 5-15 minutes, but will only last about 2 hours or so. The tincture can be taken directly under the tongue (if you have a tolerance for the sting of organic ethanol). Or, you can mix it in any drink you wish, and simply take it in a single gulp. Many people actually like adding their tincture to a “shell” of Kava (made from Powdered Kava Root), to give it an extra kick, AND, to give you both an immediate effect, as well as one that slowly makes it way through your system.

When we talk about stress, we usually default to discussing anxiety, partly because anxiety seems to be something that needs more attention in the moment.

If you want to enjoy Kava for stress relief instead, then I can’t recommend any of our drinks enough. If you want to go the traditional route, then taking some Kava powder and making yourself a shell of Kava in the traditional way is definitely the way to go. Making the Kava drink itself can be a calming ritual, especially knowing that you’re going to be ingesting something that is going to effectively melt your stress away.

And, if you’re not into going through the effort (and slight mess) of making your own Kava in the traditional way, then we have a wide range of Instant Kava Drink Mixes, as well as several Instant Kava Mixes to get your stress relief handled even quicker.

Speaking of, Kava is typically relaxing at any dose. So, depending on your stress level, you can also choose to douse it in minutes with some Kavalactone Tincture or some Kavalactone Paste. Or, to take the slower route, then capsules and Kava drinks might be your ticket.

The bottom line is that I have rarely found anything prescription or natural (as Kava is) that comes close to the effectiveness of Kava for helping alleviate both stress and anxiety. Whether it’s just a desire to help wind down at the end of the day, or to help combat a serious bout of anxiety, there is a Kava product that will fit you perfectly. It may sound clichè, but we are so confident in the effectiveness of Kava, that we offer our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Just remember – not all prescription medication works immediately – some can take up to 2 months to reach maximum effectiveness. This is exactly the same for some people when it comes to Kava. Depending on sensitivity and tolerances, you may not notice the calming effects of Kava (especially when taking 33% Kavalactone Capsules) for a week or more. Just trust the history, trust the proven effectiveness, and give Kava the time it needs to build up in your system. I promise the results will be well worth the wait.

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