Fancy New Kava Cart

It took longer than expected, but we couldn’t be more pleased with the results! has joined the 21st Century, only slightly kicking and screaming, by converting our entire informational and eCommerce site to the latest and greatest technology, all in an effort to make your experience with us even more enjoyable.

We’ve grown from the premier informational website on Kava Root, to the Online Kava Shop to the Kava Marketplace, where we offer all of the world’s best Kava at the best prices. We still ship everything same day, we love talking with you, our treasured customers, and our stock is constantly rotating.

Welcome to our new look, our new cart, and our ultra-modern features:

  • Full Responsive: Both our website and our cart look and function great on any platform; desktop, mobile, or otherwise. We’ve painstakingly upgraded our blog and our shopping cart so that you can seamlessly enjoy your visit and you shopping experience from any device you happen to be on.
  • Fully Secure: We have built a new server from the ground up, so you never leave the security of our home domain during your entire transaction. Just scroll to the bottom of any page, and you will see our live Security Seal. Click on the lock in your browser, and you will see our 256-bit SSL Certificate for KV Naturals, Inc.; our parent company. We wanted to convey safety ad security in every aspect of your experience with us, and we have achieved it better than we had hoped or expected.
  • Better Search: Our Search Feature allows you to drill down using “Breadcrumbs” to keep track of where you’ve been, while also pointing the way to where you might want to go.
  • Fully Integrated: Now, the informational side of is far better integrated in your overall browsing experience. Instead of being taken from one site (informational) to the other (shopping cart), we have completely integrated the experience for you.
  • Live Updates: All of our stock is tracked in real time, as are all of the shipping charges. When you order something and it says it’s in stock, have confidence that your product actually IS in stock.

These are just a few of the highlights of everything our new website and shopping experience have to offer. We will, of course, continue to tweak and modify and improve, especially as your helpful comments, product reviews, and questions arrive. In the meantime, enjoy our new experience, and interact in new ways we’ll continue to add.

Our “old” cart will remain on for a while, until everyone has updated their links. Feel free to use it for another month or two, but we encourage you to move to the cart we have on as soon as is convenient to you.

Speaking of, if you see any improvements needed, if we implement the change, we will send you a 1lb package of the kava of your choice, along with a Kava Starter Kit crafted by Kona Kava Farm.


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