Kava for AnxietyKava for Anxiety – The Facts

We have seen a marked increase in questions regarding whether or not kava can help with anxiety or stress. This includes questions about whether Kava itself can cause anxiety.  We have now gathered enough case studies and research to state with the utmost authority and confidence, that Kava is indeed a natural remedy for anxiety.  This may sound like a bold claim, but it’s backed up by over 20 clinical studies devoted to this very question.

Where to Begin?

Knowing that Kava is an effective remedy in the fight against anxiety, then most want to know where to begin.  We have extensive articles on the topic, such as our “Where to Begin With Kava?” and “Kava Beginner’s Guide”.  But those are very general.  What we’re focusing on here is specifically: Kava for anxiety.

Let’s take a quick look at the root causes of anxiety.  According to the DSM-V, anxiety is defined as this:

  • Excessive anxiety and worry about a number of events or activities over an extended period of time.
  • Difficulty in controlling that worry
  • Disruption of normal functioning in social, work-related, or other areas.
  • The anxiety is associated with three or more of these 6 symptoms:
    • 1. Restlessness or feeling on edge
    • 2. Easily worn out, tired all the time.
    • 3. Difficulty concentrating, no clarity of thought.
    • 4. Irritable, as if anger is always just bubbling under the surface
    • 5. Excessive tension in muscles, especially the neck and shoulders.
    • 6. Difficulty sleeping, restless, non-refreshing sleep.

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As to whether kava can help reduce anxiety and stress, we know of many people who take this plant on a regular basis to help them sleep at night and we have even read reports from Europe about how kava is actually prescribed to young ones to support the body’s defenses against stress! This is quite a testimonial for our humble little plant that has been used for thousands of years!

I know that from many generations of personal experience, that there have been sleepless nights in our household. But no one would ever think to reach for a glass of milk or valerian root; we automatically reach for some fresh roots from the fridge (if we happen to have some available). Nothing compares, in my humble opinion, to staring out at the moonlight across our fields of kava, enjoying a relaxing cup of kava to help provide me with a restful night’s sleep, free from tossing and turning or any other stressors that leave me wide awake and wishing for sleep.

So, be smart, relax, and let your kava anxiety simply fall to the wayside, as you open yourself up to a new experience that may never have happened otherwise.

The sacred kava plant, which is related to the black pepper plant, has traditionally had a number of uses for the people of the Pacific Islands. In today’s hectic world, it is no wonder that people are finding a particularly powerful calm in this bitter drink. At Kona Kava Farm, we grow and sell organic kava in a variety of forms so that everyone can enjoy its wonderful health benefits.

One of the most compelling uses for kava is the way it can ease anxiety. Kava has long been known to have a relaxing effect on the body, but more and more people are using kava to ease the anxieties of modern-day life. It’s no wonder that kava is many people’s preferred end-of-the-day drink, as it can calm you down and prepare you for a night of restful sleep. In fact, as long ago as 1979, modern science proved that kava’s active ingredient, kavalactones, produce drowsiness in people.

Kava has been used for centuries in traditional homeopathic medicine to treat conditions such as extreme states of anxiety, stress, excitation and exhaustion. Muscle relaxation, analgesic and local anesthetic, anti-anxiety and sleep inducement properties have all been pharmacologically demonstrated in the kava plant, depending on the preparation, dosage and delivery method.
In addition, kava also has been used to treat depression. All across the South Pacific, kava is used as a calmative, and in many kava-consuming regions, it is used to help quarreling factions engage in peaceful discussions. Kava is a magical plant that produces calm without making you lose focus; best of all, it produces no side effects. In a study performed in 1993, people who consumed kava extract actually demonstrated increased mental reaction times, all while functioning in a peaceful, relaxed state of mind.

Kava’s home of origin is unknown, as are kava plants in the wild. Even so, there have been numerous reported sightings of wild kava throughout the world. These reports are generally folklore and have not been scientifically documented. Since all of kava’s cultivars are sterile, the plant can only spread through direct human intervention and activity.

Hawaii is most famous for the type of kava known as ‘awa (a very rich variation of kava), in addition to numerous other varieties such as mahakea, kau la’au, ke-oke-o, kuaea, apu, kumakua, liwa, mamaka and papa kae, among many others. Our organic certification and all-natural growing methods allow for the full spectrum of the kavalactones to develop in the plant.

We take great pride in caring for our plants and only use the highest grade of natural fertilizer. Our specialty, unlike most other farms, is organic kava, and it only takes one taste of our version of ‘awa to know that there is no comparison. We also have a strain that has been proven to rival the infamous Tudei Kava that most organic kava aficionados are familiar with.

We constantly rotate our crops, ensuring that the roots never rot or degrade in quality due to over-farming. Some parts of our farm may sit dormant for several years, to regenerate the soil, preparing it for the conditions needed for our organic kava to flourish.

Here at Kava.com and Kona Kava Farm, we strive to produce the very best kava possible. We utilize only the root of the plant, and we only use kava root that has matured for over four years. This practice yields a very strong kava drink that is certain to help ease anxieties and put you in a healthy, relaxed state of mind. Our family has been using kava for generations, and we’d love to pass the tradition on to your family!


“For me, Kava Kava has been a miracle medicine. I have long-suffered from back pain as well as anxiety, and after consulting with my doctor, he was skeptical, but he did some research on Kava Kava and felt that I had nothing to lose by giving it a try, as long as I did it responsibly. After just 2 weeks of my personal health program to reduce my back pain and to reduce the anxiety I am often afflicted with, I have never felt healthier in my life. I never believed in natural stress relief until now.

I am not saying that this will work for everyone, but it has certainly helped me in ways I never expected. And my program was simple; I took the recommended dosage of Kavalactone Liquigels for a period of 2 weeks, once in the morning, once in the afternoon, and once during the evening. This was supplemented with the powdered root once in the morning and once at night, just before I went to sleep.
Sleep not only came much more easily to me, but my sleep was far less restless, and with much less pain! I found that I was sleeping better, and that alone, helped reduce my anxiety during the days.

So, for me, Kava Kava is the cure I had always wished for, but could never find. I have been on several kinds of prescription medications, but unlike my Kavalactone Liquigels, they all had unpleasant side-effects. I know that this is an herbal supplement, and isn’t intended to cure anything whatsoever, but I can honestly say that it has worked for me, better than I had hoped. Thank you Kona Kava Farm for providing me with a top quality product at a reasonable price. You have a customer for life!” – Mark, Tempe, AZ