kava pain relieving propertiesThere are many products available for natural pain relief, but many come with a price and unpleasant side effects. When most people think of the phrase “side effects,” they think of the distasteful or harmful ones. But, surprisingly enough, an exciting and positive side effect of Kava happens to be pain relief, especially effective for sufferers of back pain. This is in part due to the muscle relaxing properties of this splendid plant as well as its natural pain relieving properties built into the plant naturally.

In Hawaii, teething, feverish children are given Kava Root (pre-chewed by their mothers), twice a day to calm and soothe them in their state of pain and discomfort. All across the South Pacific, kava is used as a calmative and as a pain reliever for both children and adults. It is also used as a poison antidote and as a treatment for conditions such as bronchitis, as well as anxiety, tension and restlessness.

It is widely used throughout the Pacific Islands as an analgesic, and also as an effective treatment for severe bites and stings from insects and poisonous fish. Homeopathically, kava has been and is used to treat such conditions as chronic back aches and to soothe states of excitation and exhaustion. The muscle relaxation and analgesic properties, as well as local anesthetic uses and anti-anxiety and sleep inducement properties, have all been pharmacologically demonstrated in kava.

One of the benefits of working with kava is that it offers helpful, natural healing and comforting qualities that otherwise could only be found in expensive prescription medication.  There are many personal anecdotes of kava consumers who have found great relief from using kava to make themselves more comfortable, both during the day, and at night when they are trying to sleep. Everyone knows that a better night’s rest equals better health during the day, and better health during the day may lead to decreased pain in the body.

Although we are severely limited in what we’re able to explicitly state about the pain relieving properties of Kava Kava, it doesn’t take much looking on the internet to find countless personal stories of how Kava has helped improve the quality of life for so many, as it has safely for thousands of years in Oceania.  Although Kava is becoming a threat to major pharmaceutical companies, partly because it’s a powerful and effective natural remedy for pain, it is now protected by the FDA.  This is important when seeking out something to assist with pain, especially when one is seeking something that is all-natural, safe, and effective.