Kava and Chocolate – Heavenly Match

vegan-chocolate-cocoa-craving_300All of us here at Kava dot com have no idea why it took anyone so long to realize that just like there’s wine and cheese, there’s kava and chocolate! Kava is known for all kinds of wonderful properties (including its aphrodisiac ones that few outside of Oceania talk about), and now chocolate is in the spotlight as a potential healthy treat (also long known for its aphrodisiac properties).

Well, we looked to our favorite Kava Kava supplier one fine day to discover that they now have an entire line of chocolate to accompany their fine line of Kava Kava products!  They are the exclusive distributors of a new line of vegan, sugar-free, and gourmet chocolate.  When we asked them how they chose the company they chose to accompany their line of Kava Kava products, their answer was simple; they shared the same philosophy as us in regard to small batches, with the highest quality ingredients, and the utmost attention to their customers.

And yes, I know we’re not here to sell chocolate products, but we’re just so excited about this new pairing that we had to share our excitement.  Everyone at Kava Dot Com lives a healthy, vegetarian lifestyle, so to find vegan chocolate that we could truly rave about, offer as gifts, and not have to hide from the kids when they’re reaching for a treat was something we couldn’t keep quiet about.  Something I can’t resist doing is quoting from the Cocoa Cravings website, taken from a description of their vegan chocolate bars:

Only Pure Ingredients, made from the fabled “Criollo Arriba beans” using a recipe based on a simple combination of cacao beans, cane sugar and pure vanilla. Grown solely in Ecuador, “Arriba” is a special cocoa varietal with a perfumed floral scent. Its flavor is smooth, with a dominant floral note and nutty after–tones.

In order to present you with the purest flavor of Arriba chocolate, there is no other “covering” aroma or extra flavors added to these bars. This allows you to experience the uniquely rich Arriba aromas in these tasting bars from 55% to 71% cocoa. The uniqueness, depth and flavor also result from the use of non–deodorized cacao butter in our production.

A small nibble into any one of the bars initiates your experience with a hint of sweet caramel, followed with the caress of rich cacao and ends with a light vanilla boquet… just the flavors that rich dark cocoa beans, carefully roasted and ground, should provide.

We do not use additives, preservatives, synthetic emulisifiers or artificial flavorings. Our bars are gluten free. And we do not use ingredients found in some chocolates such as transfats, corn syrup, glucose, milk substitutes, or vanillin.

If that’s not enough to entice you into at least peeking at what else they have over at Kona Kava Farm, let me share some of the recent news on chocolate.  Mind you, Cocoa Cravings chocolate isn’t just milk chocolate; they offer a unique line of VEGAN CHOCOLATE as well as SUGAR-FREE chocolate that we swear you cannot tell the difference.  It’s astounding what they’ve accomplished over there in their Chicago manufacturing facility.

For example, in Women’s Health Magazine, we find this:

9 Health Benefits of Chocolate

Or, in another article in the Huffington Post that we find quite intriguing:

10 Health Benefits of Chocolate

And the list goes on.  What has us most excited, though, is when chocolate is combined with Kava.  That’s when the magic truly happens.  Look to lots more information on why Kava and Chocolate is such a magical combination, and we’ll point you to our favorite places that offer both in unique and exciting ways!

Bryan Kava
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Email: bryan at kava dot com

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