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We were super excited to see Kava Guru update the functionality on their Kava Bars Locator Map page.  The new map is not only pretty, it’s fully interactive and searchable as well.  In fact, anyone interested in adding a Kava-related link (although it’s meant for Kava Bars and Kava Cafes), is now free to do so via the simplified, but still fancy new interface.

As of this writing, they’re just getting it underway, and already there are a number of listings appearing.  We also see that they have launched simultaneous campaigns on the Facebook pages for Kava Guru, Kona Kava Farm, and we also agreed to boost a post announcing their new Interactive Kava Map.  It was super easy to use, and you’re not limited to clicking on icons; you can enter any location manually (like a zip code), and any Kava Bars within the area will appear in the table below the map.

Have you given it a look yet?  Better yet, have you added a Kava Bar you know of? You don’t have to be the owner in order to add a Kava Bar to the map.  Anyone is free to add any kava-related link they wish, as they are all manually checked for both relevancy and accuracy.  It has easy-to-follow instructions, and listings are approved in just 24 hours or less.  If you know a friend who might want to add a listing, send them over that way or share any of the links we offer here.

Let us know if you’d like to see a more expansive Kava Map that could include Kava Stores or Where to Buy Kava Online over at Kava Guru.  It’s been fun to see this new feature take shape, and already a few locations in the USA have quite a number of Kava Bars.  One of those places is Florida.

So, not to be too repetitive, the entire purpose of this post is to simply alert you to the awesome new Interactive Kava Map over at Kava Guru.  Below is a screenshot of the section that allows markers that can be added by anyone.  Instructions for the feature are available as well; just click the “Interactive Kava Locator Instructions” post:

Add Your Kava Bar