Origins of Kava Kava

Mythological Origins of Kava There is one mythological tale regarding the origin of Kava that I liked the most. I found it in an article in the Journal of the Polynesian Society entitled; “Kava in Vanuatu: A Study of the Cultural Significance of a Plant in a Traditional Society” by K. E. Palmer: According to […]

Chewing the Roots – Ancient Kava Preparation

The tradition of chewing kava roots to prepare for drinking is an ancient practice that has been used by many Polynesian and Melanesian cultures for thousands of years. The process of chewing kava roots is known as “tudei” in some languages, and it is considered to be a traditional and sacred method of preparing the […]

A Brief History of Kava

A Brief History of Kava Kava I. Introduction A. Definition of Kava Kava B. Historical significance of Kava Kava C. Purpose of the term paper II. Pre-Colonial History of Kava Kava A. Origin and spread of Kava Kava B. Traditional uses of Kava Kava C. Cultural and religious significance of Kava Kava   III. Kava […]

America vs Hawaii and Appropriated Kava Culture

Many people mistakenly believe that the strongest Kava is the best Kava. This is a fallacy and can lead to unpleasant experiences when looking for good drinking Kava. Smooth Kava with a blend of the right lactones is key.

Fiji Mythology

The South Pacific nation of Fiji has a rich tradition of storytelling: to this day, Fijian locals like to sit around the fire in the evenings and relate traditional stories of Fijian gods, famous places, and mythical events, all while sipping bowls of fresh kava. Fittingly, kava has a place in Fiji mythology as a […]

Hawaiian Gods

The native religion of the Hawaiian Islands probably originated with Polynesian immigrants who made their way to the archipelago hundreds of years ago. Hawaiian religion is polytheistic, meaning there are many Hawaiian gods of varying importance, and it also incorporates strong animistic beliefs: spirits are believed to reside in the land, sea, volcanoes and other […]

Tongan Society

The Tongan archipelago is a chain of islands in the South Pacific, nearest to Fiji and Samoa, which has been inhabited by humans for about 3000 years, making it one of the oldest settled islands in the South Pacific. Although Tongan culture has gone through its share of changes, especially due to later Western influence, […]


In the ancient Hawaiian Islands, kapu was the name for the code of conduct that regulated and restricted nearly every aspect of Hawaiian daily life. Designed to enforce the political and religious foundations of Hawaiian society, kapu restrictions ruled on what people could eat, with whom they could associate, where they could harvest and fish, […]

Kava Kava Ireland

Ireland is a long way away from the balmy shores of the South Pacific where kava originated; you may wonder why we’re bothering to talk about Ireland and kava in the same breath. However, for people living on the Emerald Isle who are looking for a natural and effective route to tension relief, finding out […]

Origin of Kava / Where Kava Originated

There is often quite heated controversy in some circles regarding the origins of Kava.  The bottom line is that anyone who claims to know where Kava first appeared or where it truly comes from:  They’re only speculating.  Leading botanists in the study of the origin of Kava believe that it first appeared in northern Vanuatu.  […]