Perhaps one of the most-asked question we get here at Kava dot com, is about where to buy kava.  It can be a daunting task, especially when one types “buy kava” into Google and over a million results appear!  We’ve been your trusted source for this information since the 1990’s, and instead of simply posing as a page that will help you decide where to buy your kava, we’re an actual internet resource, complete with history, culture, and even recipes.

As a matter of fact, choosing where to buy your kava isn’t even the hardest part! The difficult decision is which form of kava you are interested in trying!  There’s everything from Kava Tea to Instant Kava Drinks to just about anything else one can imagine; there is even a “Kava Kola” on the market.  But, if you cut through all the hype and see what’s available, this all really comes down to preference.

If you like something easy that you can take on the go, but don’t mind a less potent product, then capsules might be for you. You can purchase kava capsules in a number of different potencies, and you can also find kava capsules that contain blends of kava and other relaxing and uplifting herbs!

If you like as fast and powerful a kick as possible, then Kavalactone Paste might be just the thing. If you want to buy kava that you can take quickly, this high potency paste is easy to take and will provide an almost immediate effect.  You can buy different quality levels of kavalactone paste, but if you get a good quality one, you will find that in general the effect of using such a paste is surprisingly pleasant and noticeable!

And there’s truly everything in-between when it comes to deciding where to buy kava and which kava to buy. You can find kava chai powdered, flavored kava instant drinks, kava chocolate, kava extract chocolate paste, and basically any other sort of kava experience you might be looking for! Instant kava drinks, for example, are very convenient ways of taking kava, and can often be quite delicious. If you are looking to buy a kava product that you can put in smoothies or other beverages, this might be the best choice for you!

Of course, our personal favorite here at has always been plain old Kava root powder.  It’s the closest one can get to the experience of fresh kava, and it’s the closest to the native experience, honoring the spirit of the historical “roots” of this plant. We find that drinking kava tea made from plain kava root powder has the most pleasant and immediate effect.  The only downside is that the preparation process can be quite time consuming.

So Where Do I Buy Kava?

Fret not, dear visitor.  We’ve narrowed down the millions of online kava shops to just a few of the most-trusted, best deals you can find when looking to buy kava on the web and opened our very own KAVA MARKETPLACE to make it as simple as can be.  We’ve assembled our favorite suppliers, added their entire product line, and put them all in one place!

More on Kava

It’s difficult to find videos on kava, but with its popularity skyrocketing, we’ve put a couple of our favorite ones below.  We’re in the process of crafting a number of videos, one of which will be newscast-style presentations of some of the most-asked questions we get, one of which (perhaps the most-asked question) is where to buy kava.  For now, enjoy a brief overview of kava with this first video below by “The Travel Creatives“.

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