Does Kava Make You Sleepy?

Many have asked us if Kava is calming, or if it just makes you tired.  And, if Kava actually doesn’t make you sleepy, how does it help you to sleep?  These are all great questions with very simple answers! For most, Kava is called the “anti-shyness” herb for a reason.  Kava, like alcohol, can reduce […]

Kava Bars In California

While the proliferation of websites selling kava online means you can easily purchase and brew your own kava at home, for an initial experience nothing beats going to a kava bar: there you can try kava for the first time in an atmosphere that is pleasant, congenial, and offers the opportunity to discover kava’s potential […]

Kava Kava Side Effects Liver

In the early 2000s, kava was banned for sale in Europe due to widespread concerns that use of kava herbal supplements might have toxic side effects on the liver. However, regarding the list of kava kava side effects liver toxicity has never surfaced in people who consumed a properly prepared dose of kava, i.e. an […]

Alternatives to Alcohol

Introduction Those of us who’ve ever reached for a glass of wine or a mixer at a party or club are well-acquainted with alcohol’s ability to loosen inhibitions and reduce social anxieties. Although indulging in alcoholic drinks can make it easier to relax and have fun in social situations, drinking can also have negative consequences […]