Migraine Headaches

It doesn’t take long after the onset of a migraine to figure out that it’s no ordinary headache. Migraines are considerably more debilitating, even to the point where everyday life becomes an immense challenge.

While regular headaches are generally single-day affairs, migraine headaches can last up to 72 hours.

People typically think of migraines as the type of headache that causes slight visual hallucinations, sometimes called “auras”. However, that’s only one type of migraine; it used to be known as the “classic” migraine.

Migraines can happen with just about any frequency, from several times a month to once every several months.

Several other unpleasant symptoms can often accompany migraines, including nausea, vomiting, extreme sensitivity to light, thirst, and even irritability and depression. Of course, the longer and more frequent migraine headaches become, the more prone a person is to become depressed and irritable.

Migraines are caused by a variety of factors, both environmental and genetic.

Having a family history of migraines plays a part in determining if you will ever suffer from them, as does your gender: Women suffer from migraines significantly more than men. Migraines are sometimes a symptom of pre-menstrual syndrome, menopause, or a side-effect of pregnancy, but they can also happen on their own.

Younger people are also significantly more likely to suffer from migraines. If you make it through early adulthood without ever having one, you’re probably in the clear.

The “classic” or “aura-causing” migraine has a much higher probability of having a genetic cause as any other type.

Some of the environmental factors that can contribute to migraine headaches are difficult to impossible to control. These include changes in pressure and sensory stimuli like bright lights and unpleasant odors.

However, there are several things you can do if you are suffering from migraines, like avoid certain foods, establish a regular sleep cycle, and control your stress. Studies show that stress is a lead contributor to the onset and worsening of many diseases and medical conditions, such as migraines.

No one likes to whine and complain, so many are loathe to even admit that they are stressed. But taking the time out of your hectic schedule to recognize any unnecessary sources of stress in your life can pay huge dividends. This is especially true if you are suffering from a potentially debilitating condition like migraine headaches.

Once you recognize that there are stressful elements to your life, the next step is to try to do something about it!

While you’re working that out, we would like to recommend a way to decompress naturally: Kava kava root. The natives of Oceania have been using it for centuries to relax and have fun, and rest assured migraine headaches are much less common in these cultures!

Kava is an effective treatment for the stress that can cause migraine headaches. Within minutes of consuming an authentic kava beverage, you can feel the stress in your body almost magically evaporate.

Better yet, it won’t knock you out: Most people that enjoy kava do so regularly throughout their day as a complement to their normal set of activities. So if you are suffering from migraine headaches, take control of the situation and treat the cause, not the symptom: your stress! And in our experience, there’s no one single way to combat stress more instantly and effectively than kava kava.

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