Kava for Stress Management

‘Relax.’ It’s the ultimate “easier said than done” word. Because no matter who you are or what you do on a daily basis; you encounter stress on different levels than you may be prepared for. Even the things in life you enjoy and are tremendously grateful for can stress you out to hair-pulling extents at some point. And attempting to manage and control it…well…that can only stress you out more.

Some people turn to herbs and supplements to help them relieve that stress. People around the world have relied heavily on organic herbs and roots found in nature, harnessing their natural gifts for their mellowing and calming effects.  One such type of natural remedy is kava kava, found commonly in the South Pacific Islands. The people of the islands have used the natural remedies of kava to relieve stress, anxiety, and insomnia for thousands of years. The people of the South Pacific actually use kava in a similar way we relieve stress with an alcoholic beverage, though it’s obviously much better for your general health and is actually packed with antioxidants.

Every person responds differently to different methods, but one of the most effective, immediate ways that we’ve found to manage stress is kava kava. Kava fits nicely into a stress management regimen, much more smoothly than alcohol, which can dehydrate and actually increase irritability, which of course will actually increase stress levels over time.

Kava has been used for centuries by native peoples in Hawaii for relaxation and no known side effects have yet been discovered from consuming the root. It’s one of those rare things in life that’s actually as good as the hype! Kava root is very gentle and soothes the disposition almost immediately, allowing the user to engage in one or more subsequent techniques for managing their stress, like meditation or yoga, or simply conversing naturally with friends.

Indeed, kava is known to lighten the mood considerably at a social gathering without producing some of the “sloppy” behavior that alcohol is known to. Instead, the kava user is relaxed, but far less shy, hence the nickname of kava; “the anti-shyness herb.”

While there is no one cure-all for stress, it is important to recognize it and then do what you can to rid your body of it. And while this of course starts with making changes in your life that will keep the stress from occurring in the first place, there’s nothing wrong with treating the effects as well as the cause.

And for not only treating the effects but treating them instantaneously, there’s nothing better than kava kava in our humble opinions!  So, stop stressing and do what the natives of Hawaii have been doing for generations:  Try some kava to help manage your stress today.

Beyond herbal remedies, though, there are a lot of other proven ways you can manage your stress. Though it can feel frustrating to think about how to make a change in your life, no matter how small, but the impact on stress relief can be huge with even the smallest change. No matter how stressed or anxious you are, there is something out there that can help you. .

So what can you do? Actually, there is a lot you can do, but stress management starts with listening to yourself and what you need. You won’t be able to get through a day (much less save the world) if you don’t start with yourself. Listen to your body and mind and get to the root of the stress. There are hundreds of methods of stress management. It’s important to figure out which methods work for you.

Let’s start with sleep. It seems like the most obvious solution, but how easy is it to sleep when you’re feeling stressed and overworked. You lay down worried about something, and soon you become worried that you can’t sleep. “But how can I be at my best tomorrow without a nights sleep?” Stop. Breathe. Think about the last time you spent a night tossing and turning. What was on your mind? What were you doing just before you went to bed? There are a myriad of things that can keep an over-worked mind from a peaceful rest. Get back to bed by learning to manage that stress. Maybe you shouldn’t work just before bed. Maybe you should save serious conversation for a better time. Maybe you shouldn’t exercise, or maybe you’re the type that needs exercise to keep from being restless all night. There is a solution to every issue, and successful stress management starts by acknowledging the problem.

Speaking of exercise, studies show that adding some to your day can be a great way to deal with stress. Think of the pent up anger, worry, and frustration we encounter in daily life. Studies prove that adding some aerobic exercise to your routine can greatly bring those stress levels down. Again, it starts with what you need. Do you prefer biking, running, or walking? It’s easy to pick an activity that gets your heart moving. Many people stressed out from a packed schedule forgo this method because they think they are too busy. This is the great part. You don’t need to commit yourself to an hour or more a day of exercise in order to see results. Doctors recommend just getting your heart pumping for 15 minutes a day. With better blood-flow, it’s easier for your body to release endorphins that improve your mood and ease the edge of your nerves. Check with your doctor to see how physical exercise can better help your stress management.

Exercise doesn’t just refer to physical activity. Sometimes, stress can be managed with proper mental and spiritual exercise. Meditation can be a great way to relieve stress. It helps you bring yourself to a calm state, to a place where it’s easier to see your day in front of you and take it one step at a time. Stress can be caused by the tiniest little factors adding up or by big boulders of worry dropping on you all at once. When you feel overwhelmed, sit down, and try to concentrate on just your breathing. Focus on inhaling and exhaling only, because when it comes down to it, breathing is really the most important thing you have to do all day. Again, you don’t have to block off a major amount of time from your busy schedule. You just need to recognize that managing your stress levels is as (if not more) important than all of your other commitments.

Of course there are countless solutions available that will help manage your stress. It all starts with you. Take the time necessary to figure out what is winding you up, and deal with it in a way that seems most fitting for your life and schedule. For some people, just taking these extra few minutes to think about it is enough to bring them back to their center. Here at kava dot com, we may be biased, but we can’t imagine a better stress management solution than whipping up a freshly-extracted cup of Kava Kava, or imbibing in some Kavalactone Paste, or even a few Kava Capsules that are at least 30% Kavalactone.  No one says we can’t have an all-natural, historically-proven natural herbal supplement to help melt away our stress.

With all the hustle and bustle of today’s world and the myriad of challenges that life brings us, it is easy to get stressed out. What’s not so easy is developing ways to manage this stress. Many people who are stressed do not even realize it because they’re not afforded the time for reflection.  At most, they may be vaguely aware of their own irritability and the tension pervading their daily routine.

However, it’s a “given” that if a significantly stressed person isn’t aware of their own condition, everyone around them will be! It’s certainly true that we are often more aware of others’ behavior than our own, but a very stressed person is incredibly easy to spot, especially if they are largely unaware of it.  Why?  Because they won’t bother to censor themselves around others, not realizing that anything is wrong.

Since no one wants to deal with the unhappiness that accompanies prolonged periods of intense stress, and no one wants to get to the point where their stress starts to affect their relationships with others, it is essential to your well being to develop effective tools for stress management.

Sometimes, though, stressful situations cannot be avoided, but we can mitigate the effects of said stress. There is a whole world of stress management methods at your disposal—how do you decide what’s right for you?

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