Does Kava Work for Anxiety?

From our experience here at, many people struggle with anxiety and related disorders such as insomnia and depression yet don’t want to resort to industrial prescription medications whose side effects may be worse than the disease. For people looking for gentler natural solutions to stress and emotional upset, answering the question “Does kava work […]

Can Kava Get You High?

Given its increasing reputation as a mellowing medicine of the South Pacific, one the question about kava that we hear a lot is, “Can kava get you high?” The answer to this question is ultimately a matter of perspective: “high” is a broad term that takes in dozens of psychoactive plants with their own unique […]

Can You Smoke Kava?

Some herbal smoke shops out there are beginning to offer kava root in their calming smoking blends in a new trend which led us to try and answer the question, “Can you smoke kava?” In the South Pacific where the kava root was first harvested for its relaxing effects, kava is either prepared as an […]

Alternatives to Alcohol

Introduction Those of us who’ve ever reached for a glass of wine or a mixer at a party or club are well-acquainted with alcohol’s ability to loosen inhibitions and reduce social anxieties. Although indulging in alcoholic drinks can make it easier to relax and have fun in social situations, drinking can also have negative consequences […]