One of four main islands in the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) in the South Pacific Ocean, Pohnpei is a lush mountainous island that has been home to human beings for thousands of years. Although its name was originally Anglicized as “Ponape”, the title was changed to Pohnpei as a more accurate reading of the […]


In the ancient Hawaiian Islands, kapu was the name for the code of conduct that regulated and restricted nearly every aspect of Hawaiian daily life. Designed to enforce the political and religious foundations of Hawaiian society, kapu restrictions ruled on what people could eat, with whom they could associate, where they could harvest and fish, […]

Can You Smoke Kava?

Some herbal smoke shops out there are beginning to offer kava root in their calming smoking blends in a new trend which led us to try and answer the question, “Can you smoke kava?” In the South Pacific where the kava root was first harvested for its relaxing effects, kava is either prepared as an […]


Kava (Updated in 2023) It seemed strange to have have a website named kava.com, without a single article named “Kava” on the website!  There’s so much to talk about in relation to this incredibly, safe, effective, and versatile herbal supplement. We will do our best to steer you in the right direction as quickly as […]

Social Anxiety Disorder and Kava

Throughout their lives, many people experience social anxiety disorder for multiple and myriad reasons. Social anxiety disorder is a psychiatric diagnosis that refers to anxiety in social situations, causing a person to feel distressed or depressed, makes it difficult to function in one’s daily social life, and can develop into chronic and intense fear of […]

Can Kava Cure Migraine Headaches?

Kava isn’t a cure for anything, but the questions was asked “Can Kava Cure Migraine Headaches?” enough times that we felt the need to write a brief informative article about it. A migraine is neurological syndrome that includes severe headaches, nausea, and altered body perceptions; migraine headaches are only one piece of this puzzle. Migraine […]

Kava For Insomnia

Insomnia is a symptom of disorder, not a diagnosis or disorder itself. Characterized by difficulty falling or staying asleep, insomnia also typically affects a person’s functionality while awake in addition to their quantity and quality of sleep. In the United States, studies from the Department of Health and Human Services estimate that over 64 million […]

Organic Kava

The term “organic farming” was coined by Lord Northbourne in his book, Look to the Land, which was published 1940. Through his conception of “the farm as organism,” he presented a holistic, ecologically-balanced approach to farming. Applicable terminology aside, organic agriculture is the oldest form of agriculture on earth. Farming without the use of petroleum-based […]

Fiji Culture and Kava

KAVA AND FIJI CULTURE Like many plants with medicinal uses, there are specific generalizations that can be made about the things that the plant can do without pointing out specifically what kind of sickness it treats. In the case of Kava, it is marketed usually as a general-purpose herbal medicine against stress, insomnia, and even […]

Samoa Culture and Kava

In a “coconut shell,” the culture of Samoa, one of the compositions of Oceania, is a communal way of life. Samoan culture spells collective living in almost all aspects of their lives. Their traditional living quarters have no walls and can accommodate up to twenty people. During daytime, these structures serve as a venue where […]