Life Cycle of a Kava Plant

Have you ever wondered how a Kava plant grows from a tiny seed all the way to a mature, flowering plant? Well, you’re in luck because this informative article covers every stage of the life cycle of a Kava plant. From a tiny shoot to a mature flowering plant that’s ready for harvest, we cover it all.

How to Grow and Propagate Kava

Growing Kava Plants | How to Grow Kava Unfortunately, 100% of all Kava seeds are sterile. That means the only way to grow Kava plants is by taking cuttings.  Fortunately, Kava plants propagate easily by cuttings, and after a little instruction and some practice, you can have your own Kava garden that will produce those treasured roots […]

How to Harvest Kava

There is a lot of data regarding the consumption of Kava (Piper methysticum), but finding genuine and in-depth information regarding How to Grow & Propagate Kava. This informative article will cover another key aspect of Kava Kava;how to harvest Kava. We’ll discuss the parts of the plants, the parts that may be poisonous, as well […]