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Tudei Kava is a fast-growing Kava that is typically stronger than “regular” or “noble” varieties of Kava. Most Tudei Kava has a signature 2-5-3 Kavalactone lineup, which makes it a very relaxing, and smooth-drinking, but not necessarily an every day Kava.



Tudei Kava is a fast-growing Kava that is typically stronger than “regular” or “noble” varieties of Kava. Most Tudei Kava has a signature 2-5-3 Kavalactone lineup, which makes it a very relaxing, and smooth-drinking, but not necessarily an every day Kava. It’s not difficult to find Tudei Kava suppliers, but even though this is a commercial grade of Kava, we look for the best variety of Tudei Kava we could find.

With some controversy over this well-known, great drinking Kava, we decided to leave it up to our customers about whether or not this pure and inexpensive Tudei Kava root powder is for them. According to the findings of Wonderland-Labs, specialists in testing Kava, with well over 100 samples of Kava tested in the current marketplace, they have found that more than 50% of the Kava they tested contains varying amounts of Tudei Kava, even when it’s claimed to be a pure “noble” variety of Kava. These findings were confirmed by “The Verge”, who’s article we include below.

Our Tudei Kava is 100% roots-only Kava. We never include any stems or leaves in any of our Kava, and certainly not in the Tudei Kava offered here. All of the Kava we offer here is lab tested by 2 separate labs to ensure identity and food-grade quality of the product. It’s also proudly manufactured in a beyond FDA-compliant facility, so sit back, relax, and enjoy a shell of Tudei Kava Root Powder today.

For Clarity: Please understand that Tudei Kava Root powder comes with some controversy, hype, and people on both sides of the argument about whether or not this Kava is good for you or not. We’ve provided links at the bottom of the product description to jumpstart your research. We have also provided links to the World Health Organization’s comprehensive study of Kava that shows no links to any harmful effects from Kava roots that have been extracted in the traditional manner with water.

I can report that I personally been consuming Kava for over 20 years, on an almost daily basis. I limit my Kava intake to 500mg of Kavalactone per day, and perhaps once a week or so, will enjoy up to 1000mg – 1200mg of Kavalactone (4-6 shells of Kava). Because I’m a pilot, I have to get a physical every 2 years. At those physicals, I get blood work to test the condition of my liver, and I am very pleased to report that I don’t even have elevated levels of enzymes. When I asked my doc about the results, he stated that he sees far more worrisome blood work results from those who consume as little as 2-3 alcoholic drinks per day. But, this is just me, weak stomach and all.

We also wholesale this product as a retail package, unlabeled package, or wholesale quantities up to 500kg at a time.

Directions: 1 tablespoon up to 3 times per day. Do not exceed 1 tablespoon per serving. Daily dosage not to exceed 3 tablespoons. Maximum period of daily use: 3 months. Use may resume for 3 months after a 2-week break. If nausea occurs, as all types of Kava can cause in some consumers, discontinue use; Kava may not be for you. As with all of our products here, we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, which allows you to return any unused product for a full refund or replacement.

Caution Suggested by the FDA on ALL Kava: If using prescription medications, seek the advice of a health care professional before using this product. Not to be taken during pregnancy or if breastfeeding. Not for use by persons under the age of 18 years or with alcoholic beverages. Keep out of reach of children. Used in excess or with substances that induce drowsiness, the ability to operate heavy equipment or a vehicle may be impaired. Not recommended for use by individuals with an existing liver condition or those at risk of developing one. US FDA advises that although it appears to be rare, a potential risk of severe liver injury may be associated with kava-containing dietary supplements.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to cure, treat, diagnose or prevent any disease.


Kava With Caveats” – A relatively balanced article on The Verge

Emerging Controversy Around Tudei Kava” – An article over at Kava.guru

Tudei Kava” – An article on Kona Kava Farm

True Kava Side Effects” – A discussion on the World Health Organization’s findings

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